8th May 2009, 18:53

Hello Tamer;

This Ahmed Farouk. I've had the same car for 4 months now, and I don't have the problem you are talking about.

Did you try to drive using manual mode M? And if you didn't like M mode, you can use ES, it will be like the Normal and see if it's still stuck in 1st gear or not?

MMT for me is very good and I enjoy it too much.


Ahmed Farouk.

29th May 2009, 06:57

I've recently bought a Toyota Auris 2008 1.6 RS MMT... is there a specific way in which to drive this car in the ES mode? Perhaps a guide or something as I too am experiencing the gear getting stuck in 1st.. For now I have figured out that when you feel the gear wanting to change one should remove the foot off the gas as if you're changing the gear. Then to regain speed, going uphill you have to press your foot down flat on the gas to gear down... I do however need to know if the designers have published a guide as to how to drive this car properly?

31st May 2009, 15:50


That is Ahmed Farouk again, I believe the car is perfect and gear MMT is amazing if you understand how it works and take its sense as it is a new way of driving.

I have some of my friends that have the same car, and all of them are happy with it, and I think in some cases problems may be due to manufacturing problem, and this can happen with any car, and it's Toyota Egypt mistake that didn't tell the people what is MMT and how to drive it.

I know some persons bought the car from a car showroom and try to drive the car as normal automatic gear, and have been stuck many times and complain about this gear box!!!

I hope all of you enjoy your car.

To Tamer, if you can't live with this car, the best thing is to sell it.

28th Jul 2009, 08:25

I am Michel Saad and live in Athens Greece.

I bought my 2008 Toyota Corolla 18 months ago and have done so far 19,000 Km. They told me it is made in Japan.

I fully agree with Tamer, this is the worst car in my life. I have been complaining about the performance of the MMT since day one. It is not smooth, and very jumpy and noisy. It feels like riding a horse. Also sometimes gets stuck in the first gear.

I contacted Toyota Europe few days after receiving the car, they transferred my complaint to Toyota Hellas (Greece) who sent me their chief engineer who was very friendly and understanding, but tried to convince me that there is nothing wrong with the car and that MMT is like that.

Since then I have been to Toyota workshop 4 times and have met 2 engineers and one workshop superintendent. They all said the same thing and I have been expressing my dissatisfaction again and again.

As a conclusion, I am very frustrated and cannot believe that Toyota has produced such a rubbish system and is thinking seriously of selling it at any cost and will not buy Toyota again. My e-mail address is misaad@hotmail.com

18th Aug 2009, 15:21

Hi, I am from Bulgaria and I also have the 1.6 vvti with MMT. So far I have done 8000km. I have the car from the beginning of April.

I have no problems with the transmission so far, but if Toyota has a campaign on changing the transmission. I will change it to fully automatic or if they offer a CVT transmission I will go for the CVT.

Some times it smells on rubber from the clutch, and if I am not in ES mode and I have pressed the gas pedal, it will shift the gear from 1st to 3rd or 4th, which is annoying.

I will give you some tips for driving your car.

When I am stuck in traffic, I will change the gear from E to N neutral and when I have to move I will change to E again. It is easy and you will save your clutch from wearing out.

When the gears are changing, release the gas pedal and the change will be more smooth.

The other problem is when braking. The gears will change downward and the feeling is annoying.

My e-mail is momchilganev@mail.bg

BR Momchil.

24th Aug 2009, 14:09

Mr. BR Momchill,

I AGREE with you on certain points like:

1- releasing the gas pedal while shifting (which I mentioned in my previous post)

2- moving from E to N in traffic.

However, I DISAGREE with you about:

1- On E, the car is trying to save fuel, so if you rev the first gear, the next shift will be 3rd (the car is trying to keep the rpm down) BUT if you want to rev why don't you put it on Es or M??

Oh and BTW: I managed to make the car shift normally (1,2,3...) on E (not Es or M) while revving up to 4-5 RPM ;) The trick is to understand how the transmission computer thinks :)

2- When you brake hard, the car shifts down to give you ENGINE BRAKING and NOT to annoy you and I repeat, the car's brakes are extremely powerful and especially in tough situations.

Eng. Chadi Mamdouh.

29th Aug 2009, 02:02

Dear all.

I have bought the same Corolla with the MMT from Toyota Egypt, and the big surprise with me was not the gear box; it was in the horse power of the car. When I bought the car they sold it to me as having 142HP, now they are saying it is 124hp… Really I can’t believe that. Next time I will get a car from the cars that are coming from the gulf region as they are much better; at least they are manufactured and assembled in Japan.



31st Aug 2009, 20:32

Hi all AM nour

I have had a Corolla since last November, and till now no problems at all. The car has done 12000 and I think that car (MMT) is the best one of the Corollas.

Thank you for reading.

12th Sep 2009, 07:00

Dear Nour

Thanks a lot for your comment, I have a couple questions for you :-

1 - Where is the car from (South Africa-Gulf)

2 - Have you been driving a manual transmission car before owning MMT?

3 - When releasing your foot from the brakes and leave the car move on its own, what is the maximum speed the car reaches before repressing the acceleration?

20th Jan 2010, 18:24

Hi all.

There is a serious problem with the computer of the gear box, I had to reset it monthly in Toyota Egypt, and the car stopped if heated up in traffic.

Personally I sold the car, it's rubbish, the older model 2005-2007 is much much better car with no problems, and good after sale price, since I've lost 35000 le in selling. This is the last time I buy Toyota.

23rd Jan 2010, 07:34

I had the same problem with the MMT transmission. My car is 2008 SA, and I have owned it since August 2008. They changed the clutch for me and said they upgraded the gearbox software. It is much better, but still it is clear that the gearbox is not a smooth one to an annoying extent. I advise anyone not to buy this car, as I am sure if they have enough courage they must have replaced all Corollas running MMT with another technology.