24th Feb 2010, 15:51

American Toyota has taken a huge hit for sure. Quality is not what it used to be. However, what most people don't know is that the only vehicles that are on the recall list are the ones that are built in the U.S. No Toyota vehicles that were actually built in Japan have been recalled.

This recall definitely says something against Toyota, but it also says something against American manufacturing as well. It's clear now that America doesn't have the quality control or the work ethic it once had. We used to be a major manufacturing country. Now, almost no AMERICAN car companies build cars in the U.S. The famed Ford Fusion, which is indeed a good vehicle of high quality and reliability, is built in Mexico for example.

We don't build our own cars here anymore, and the few Toyota plants that are here building cars in the U.S. have managed to create Toyota's largest recall since the company was founded. Toyota definitely has its issues to sort out, but Americans can't put all the blame on them.

25th Feb 2010, 13:38

Offering a standard 100,000 mile warranty and free loaner cars with models not exhibiting any of the acceleration issues whatesoever would be my recommendation. I have not had any domestic issues on my new domestic vehicles. It would seem that the engineering-computer systems, hardware design of the new vehicles from a manufacturer has the greatest importance in my mine. The design of the car; is it not approved at the parent corporation? If we saw a mass of domestic vehicles exhibiting the same issues, perhaps the comment would have a bearing. Where vehicles are made is not what I see as the issue... it' who designs them and approves them to be on the road. If I see an outstanding outcome, I may buy another new import again.

26th Feb 2010, 07:51

Re: 24th Feb 2010, 15:51.

"the only vehicles that are on the recall list are the ones that are built in the U.S."

It's not correct. Do a simple search on internet my friend!

"Now, almost no AMERICAN car companies build cars in the U.S."

It's not correct, unless your definition for "almost" is different from what it means!

27th Feb 2010, 09:11

As the owner of a 2009 Toyota Corolla LE since last year, I also experienced a touchy accelerator pedal while driving on a 3000 mile vacation trip. After I brought the car in for the recall and had the gas pedal fixed by the dealer, I find it is much easier to hold a steady speed while driving. This is a real improvement, and the recall repair helps a lot in this regard.

14th Mar 2010, 11:08

RE: 26th Feb, 2010 7:51.


This was just a simple internet search. The Toyota Matrix, Avalon, Tundra, and Sequoia are not built in Japan. Thus they are affected by the recall. The Camry's, Corolla's, RAV4's, and Highlander's that are affected are the ones built in North America.

1st Aug 2020, 10:53

I agree with you. The throttle response is too sensitive. My friend who drove it also agrees. I guess Toyota wanted to create a fake impression that the car is very responsive.

2nd Aug 2020, 17:27

Sounds like typical drive-by-wire wonkiness. I really think drive-by-wire is the single worst technological innovation in the history of the automobile!

3rd Aug 2020, 20:39

Simple. Build Toyota in JAPAN again. If there’s no change it isn’t the USA.