14th Dec 2000, 04:34

I got one about a year ago and I never want to sell it! I can take just about anything to 60mph including some turbo cars ;o) I have seen over 120mph too.... only problem is the speedo is digital and only goes up to 200KM/h :o)

I have put in a K&N, exhaust and 15 inch mags. Makes it rev much better up top and the tyres really help in the twisties. Only mod I would do is to put on the supercharger from the same year MR2 to get an extra 35Kw.

21st Jan 2001, 13:36

You said it will go all the way to 120mph. Mine does 144. What's the story?

24th Jan 2001, 09:52

I owned a 1986 C-reg GT twin cam. It was the best car I have ever owned (and others include MR2 mk1, XR2i, Metro GTa, mk1 XR2, mk2 XR2). My Corolla could hit 138mph (indicated) and wouldn't blink at R5 GT Turbo's or Golf GTi 16v! I don't know if my car was modded other than a K&N 57I kit and a full Janspeed system, but it revved like a trouper and went like a red arrow even with 148,000 miles on the clock!

The only time it let me down is when the water pump gasket let go costing me £1.75 to fix. I sold it to buy my MR2 and wish I hadn't so I'm now selling the MR2 to buy another Corolla GT! I will be back!

8th May 2001, 19:51

I agree with all that's been said on here too. I currently own a 1985 C reg GT Twin Cam and it beats the pants of your nova, XR2 and the like for dust. I love the sharp acceleration you get once the car goes above the 4000 rpm level only to be occupied by a large and bassy grunt from the exhaust.

This car is a wolf in sheeps clothing, I never though they were that quick until my mate took me out in his 1.3 GL 12 valve version corolla and that just about said it all!!! :)

The only downside like mentioned above it lack of performance products due to the such short life of this model, but as reliability goes they are perfect and I mean perfect-starts first time in hot and cold weather.

Be warned those of you that drive silly little nova's and XR2's!!!

3rd Jun 2001, 05:11

To turn your Twincam into a WRX beater, simply add supercharged 4agze engine (from Japan) & overdrive pulley & let simmer at 190bhp.

21st Jul 2001, 15:35

Corolla parts aplenty at www.fensport.co.uk.

1st Aug 2001, 09:17

My boyfriend has a front wheel drive GTi twin cam - it's da business. He has the usual extras on it - 16" Momo arrows, Ashley exhaust which gets him noticed, side skirts etc. It hasn't effected his insurance much either.

Also on the plus side, it is a babe magnet, all the girls in our area love it and it was the car that pulled me!!!

31st Oct 2001, 11:30

They are nice little quick cars and the engines are quite robust, but they are not as fast as you seem to think.

My mate was thinking of buying one and we test-drove it today. The size of the car makes the performance deceptive.

An Astra GTE 16v is quite capable of beating a 16v Golf GTi to any speed. Autocar found this too.

I really like Corolla GTi's though. Wanted one for a long time and I will definitely be after a Type-R something soon.

19th Jan 2002, 23:55

Forget about straight races! The ae86 a.k.a. 1985 Corolla GTS will kill any car in the corners. Get sideways in them and drift through those corners.

22nd Jan 2002, 06:03

Hi, I am a Corolla GT (FWD) enthusiast. Anybody want to sell their Corolla GT (ae82 fwd) then call me on 07866064435, any age car and any condition. MOT failures welcome, top prices paid.

4th Feb 2002, 17:37

Have had an AE92 FXGT for 5 years now. it blew a distributor 2 years in and that's it. It's light so it doesn't eat tyres, spares can be had anywhere, everyone knows how to service them and goes like the clappers if you twist the tail. Performance bits aren't much of a problem: a shock upgrade helps, and the steering geometry is relatively easy to adjust to suit what you want. Good air filter + exhaust + re-chipping = useful boost in power - say 10%?

Now: do I feed my baby a supercharged power-plant from an MR2, or do I save up and buy one of the 2 litre versions with around 110kW...

8th Dec 2002, 04:05


Got a AE92R model Toyota twin cam 16V (4A-GE) - only 100 000 km on clock. Any one have some good comments on this car? Why does it not have Tvis? To the guy looking for an "R" model, make me an offer...

14th Oct 2003, 08:39

I think corolla gt twincams are fat cars I go to dewsbury.

14th Oct 2003, 21:04

I thought they were kinda narrow myself. Now a Hummer, THAT's FAT!!!

4th Jan 2004, 00:56

I have 1992 Corolla GTi, with a 4AGE 16v 100kw, engine.

I must admit that its 100kw of power is pretty disappointing. I love every other aspect of the car, e.g.: handling of a go-cart, probably the best looking Corolla ever made. Although I must admit, that it can rev to 7700rpm, and that's pretty decent for a stock engine, and if you were to make the engine stronger internally with better engine parts, you could add a performance chip/computer, and you could get the old girl revving to 8200 rpm, and that ain't top shabby.

Other mods to my Corolla include:

Stainless steel cold air induction kit, Genie extractors, 2.5 sports exhaust, exiting a 4 inch chrome Mandrel bent exhaust tip, internal engine mods, lightened flywheel, brass button clutch, 17 inch chromies, full custom interior, racing seats, Momo steering wheel and gear knob, big stereo, tinted windows, Viper alarm system, and a full Jet Speed body kit.

So yeah it rocks my world, so basically there's no other front wheel drive I would rather buy, so I strongly recommend it to anyone. (OK, I might buy a Hond Integra if I had the bling bling).

1st May 2007, 08:48

I just bought a GTi AE92, its the non t-vis high torque model, was wondering does anyone have any 2nd hand performance bits?? by the way I'm in Ireland.

18th Oct 2007, 10:04

What's quicker, the CRX vtec or the Corolla GTi? Have you raced any CRX's?