15th Aug 2005, 08:23

For anyone interested, I finally changed the fan belt this weekend (20 months after first noticing the noise, I'm not known to being a fast worker) and this stopped the problem. The old belt was hardened and cracked thus losing its grip on the pulleys. Be careful to tighten the lock nuts on the adjusters properly though.

14th Nov 2005, 07:57

Hey, guess what, the squeaking is back! Must be the damp weather affecting the fan belt so that needs tightening again. But the old car is off to a new owner. My wife bought a Kia so the Toyota is now surplus to requirements and will enjoy its retirement in the hands of my Dad who is looking for a cheap runaround.

Despite this defection to Korean vehicles, it is still my intention to get another Toyota as soon as I need another vehicle.

12th Feb 2008, 05:13

The car has experienced a near failure, the tailgate struts are getting too weak to hold up the tailgate! Not bad after 14 years. Other than that, still faultless, all the electrics are working fine and MOT's are sailed through with no advisories. Could do with a service though (brake fluid, coolant) as that hasn't been done for a while, but all in all, great car.

6th Jan 2010, 07:20

I have 1993 Executive. Bought it off a lady who had owned had owned it for 6 years for only £300.

Went to Scotland and back in doing 930 miles with a seeping radiator, no issue.

Radiator went three weeks later, apart from that the car is great with only 120k on clock.

The radio is unique; it tunes itself from classic FM to radio one. The tape machine goes fast forward and rewind, and eats the tapes. I think it's time to modernise.

I get about 35 mpg, and 40 mpg on a journey. Not bad for a 16 year old 16v engine.