27th Apr 2006, 12:01

Wow! At such mileage covered, the issues you mention are quite negligible. Have you ever tried another brand of car at the same age and mileage? I think the issues you mention are issues of aging reliable mule.

2nd May 2006, 17:01

Its obviously a satirical review. "new oil needed at 200k miles..." come on.

3rd May 2006, 10:48

If you get a very good lawyer, you may have a very good case against mother nature. I wish you luck with that. And I also wish you luck with the mustang. little smirk!!!

3rd May 2006, 17:07

Yes, obviously there is something wrong with the car when it will only go 30,000 miles between oil changes.

I don't think it's a satirical review as much as someone who knew nothing about cars bought one and thought all that was needed was gas.

29th Dec 2006, 19:32

Routine maintenance is essential when owning any vehicle. To expect your vehicle to wake you up in the middle of the night because it wants its oil changed is asinine. The better you take care of your care, the better it will take care of you.

24th May 2007, 16:27

I read this review and I don't take it seriously - it should actually be deleted from this site.

30th May 2007, 14:38

Is that guy serious??

This has been my first car I bought it for 4000 back in 05. It has run great, and I had all my oil changes done at the Toyota dealers with no problem. I have a salvaged title, but other than that, it is great condition.

I still own it. I bought another one, a 2001 Inifiniti I30, and I love em both!

30th May 2007, 19:47

God, the original review cracked me up..

4th Sep 2007, 21:00

Any car needs regular maintnance especially oil changes! hope the mustang can take more abuse then your corolla, but I really doubt it.

28th Feb 2008, 21:22

Lol, he's just joking.

28th Jan 2009, 09:23

Loose nut behind the steering.

20th Jun 2009, 19:03

Good luck with your Mustang.. You know why the Toyota was first at the rubbish dump? It towed the Ford in!!

1st Jan 2010, 08:35

Ha ha, I really hope this guy had some time to kill. Like someone else said, clearly this is someone who should be walking instead of driving. My little Corolla DX is a beaut, 13 years old and it drives like a new car. Change the oil, repair or replace the parts that wear over time (in most cases a LONG time) and you have a nice reliable car with excellent fuel economy. It will be funny when he neglects maintenance on his Mustang and ends up paying dearly for it!

10th Feb 2012, 05:42

I want to see this reviewer's review of his Mustang after he puts 40-60k miles on it. The engine will probably be making noises by then due to lack of oil changes alone, if it is even going by then... If this is a true review, it just shows how good Toyota made these engines to withstand nearly anything!

25th Jul 2015, 09:18

All small servicing jobs, not faults.

22nd Aug 2016, 23:44

First... you bought a 6 year old car with 170K miles on it??? That is an average of over 28K miles a year! Floor mats had to be replaced?? The fact that the car lasted as long as it did is impressive. Suggestion: do some research before your next purchase and save up enough $$ before so you can make a better choice!