11th Mar 2007, 19:20

15:51, My Toyota is 9 years old. I just get tired of people that have NO idea what they're talking about say that Toyota quality is a "myth", however that got started.

The myth being pushed on the public lately (by the Big 3) is that they are actually improving, and Toyota is declining. I'm sure the domestics want people to believe that, because they badly need to make a lot of money very soon. They'll get no sympathy from me; not for the employees either, when they go under. If they'd done what Toyota has done in it's history, which is build reliable, long-lasting cars, then they wouldn't be having financial trouble and weak sales numbers.

Toyota's are quite a bit more expensive, and they sell like hotcakes (because they last longer, and people have almost no trouble with them!) It just so happens that Toyota, who are doing very well, just happened to have a couple of high-recall years, because they are expanding. They're just growing pains. The quality is still the same, and the engines and drivetrains are just as bulletproof.

GM and Ford have jumped all over this issue like hungry wolves, trying to make Toyota look bad, and trying to take the focus off of how bad THEY (GM, Ford) suck. It won't work. There will always be recalls, but Toyota will straighten it all out, continue their sterling reputation, and eventually breeze right by GM and Ford to take the #1 sales spot that they well deserve. Pretty impressive for a company that hasn't been around NEARLY as long as GM or Ford.

Those two will continue to plummet. They don't possess the talent, or the business ethics to build good vehicles, and they are falling apart.

So, case in point Big 3 fanatics, no amount of petty comments and transparent propaganda is going to change this. The Big 3's days are numbered, and the countdown has begun.

9th May 2007, 13:07


9th May 2007, 16:01

A 9 year old Toyota or even older may be even more durable in my opinion than 2007. Read the reviews on mechanical comments throughout this site. I switched to domestics and loved my older ones as well. But I learned first hand in the service dept.

13th Jul 2007, 09:30

Listen mate, you do not specify at all what the problem was with your car. Did you check the oil or the cooling fluid at all? You got to maintain them.

I have owned many cars from Volkswagen Golfs to a few Peugeots to a Toyota Landcruiser Diesel. Have lived in a few different countries, currently living in Australia.

I own 2 Toyota Camrys, a 2002 which my wife drives and an 1990 which I use. I firmly believe that my Toyotas have been the most reliable to run, by far. Not the most exciting, but I don't want excitement, I want dependable transport. Either you've been unlucky, or you haven't looked after you car.

7th Aug 2007, 02:44

I brought a Toyota Corolla 2006 model. I have not driven it much, but recently after driving it approximately 5000kms a knocking sound from the front brake discs was heard. When investigated, the dealer workshop found that the inner hub of the right front disc, line was out, which was quite disturbing. Other than that Corolla's drive and its suspension is excellent. However I would suggest Toyota for staying in the competitive, market, it should increase its finishing quality and customer satisfaction. Secondly Toyota should include ABS breaking system as a standard feature in all there models.

6th Sep 2007, 19:48

This is hard in general, I have had a 89 camry wagon for years and it was awesome - always good power and gas consumption finally in 2005 snapped a timing belt (my fault for not replacing it). After I replaced it sold it.

Bought a 2006 corolla s 5 spd. - the car has 41k km on it, and in the first 15 k km the rear main seal started to leak, at 36k km the transmission case cracked and I had to fight with the dealership to get it warrantied.

I will not buy another Toyota, but I do like my corolla for the mean time it's a good looking car and fairly fun to drive. Although I am a believer in Japanese quality this car was made in Canada - the 2008 Subaru's are looking nice :)

11th Nov 2007, 03:15

All cars are good either it is Honda or Suzuki or Nissan or Toyota or Mitsuibishi. People don't ride the cars carefully and then blame manufacturers. The care which are assembled in Pakistan like Corolla or Civic or Mehran are good, but no too good. Because local manufacturers use light material and the roads are so dangerous. This is the main cause. Imported cars are always good in engine, body, look and performance.


22nd Nov 2007, 09:22

I don't think that Toyota Corolla is a bad car. I have 2 used Corollas and they are running very well. I do not agree with this comment about the Toyota Corolla.

24th Nov 2007, 20:09

Well, not only is the Corolla not a BAD car, it might just be the most reliable car ever built. The Corolla has always been at the top of that list, with the Tercel, Civic and Accord.

22nd Dec 2007, 22:24

We have an '06 Corolla Sport with just over 80,000 HARD driven km's on it. My partner is, and drives like a true Frenchman (pedal to the floor at all times) and this car has been a trooper! (oil changes every 5000km's) The only thing that is kinda cheap are the front splash guard clips and it should have telescopic steering... I think the new 2009 model has that. The only other thing I dislike about Toyota is the few choices of colours and option packages on all their models. The ONLY thing I like about North American vehicles is that you can build your vehicle almost any way and colour you like... but that's not enough to make me buy one! I'm waiting for the new 2009 Matrix, it looks hot and it has telescopic steering too! I will trade my 2006 Tacoma in for it as I don't need a truck any more.

The only other thing I want to ad is when you see a GM or any other North American brand commercial on TV, they are always slamming Toyota's, Honda's and others to make them look better, where when you see a Toyota commercial they focus on their own product only... that is what shows strength in a company.


11th Jul 2008, 23:35

Toyota quality is a myth. The quality of these vehicles falls much behind domestic cars. I am a mechanic and can safely say there is nothing built like a Dodge product. Far superior in every way. They may have small issues to be worked out but the engineers think of many fancy options that are included on many models that no other manufacturer offers.

Now that Daimler is gone, they are on their way to taking the top spot for quality, innovative and best designed cars.

12th Jul 2008, 16:40

Gee, that's very interesting, considering that Toyota single-handedly engineered the commercials some years back that always showed a Ford Taurus being pulled by a tow-truck in every commercial. This subliminal manipulation led to the myth that Taurus (and by inference Ford) were "always breaking down". Nothing could have been FURTHER from the truth. Review the 2002-2006 Taurus and Camry reviews for the true picture.

Subliminal advertising techniques are not illegal (everyone uses them) but they can leave very erroneous ideas in people's minds. Toyota has been one of the WORST at this tactic. I have never ONCE seen a Toyota or Honda being towed in a Ford commercial.

9th Sep 2008, 06:20

In my driving experience for over 20 years, I still haven't driven any car as reliable as my TOYOTA Starlet yet. I have owned other big named cars in the past, but still in love with my old TOYOTA Starlet for its strength, reliability and efficiency.

I strongly believe the way you take care of your car also counts, that's why I see friends and people around me fell in love with my Starlet and asking question about it's durability. Since I bought it 7 years ago the major repair work was change the engine oil and filter.