1985 Toyota Corona CS 2.0 Litre, 4 cylinder, Leaded from Australia and New Zealand


A gutless, economical beast, that Is my pride and joy! :)


Water pump needed to be replaced.

Fuel pump needed to be replaced.

Regulator needed to be replaced.

Has had three new batteries, third one is just recently.

Recently has all new hoses installed, and all electrical fixed or replaced.

Tape player replaced with 2x100W head unit and 2 extra 100W 6.5 inch loudspeakers.

Also had reconditioned Automatic transmission.

All were done with last 2,000 kilometers, except for Transmission, which was at about 194,000 kilometers.

General Comments:

I have also started "Beasting" it up, using Toyota decals, wheels chrome sprayed, bumpers all resprayed black, all chrome resprayed, white exterior paint-job, done "Redhot", which is a new Holden color and the interior vinyl sprayed from brown to black, and upholstery carpet all in black.

I have also put many bits and pieces into it, and it is yet on the path to refurbishment, to my own pleasure.

There are quite a few other things yet, but in short, as a first car, handed down from my dad, it is good, economical, and I love it!

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Review Date: 5th October, 2003

1985 Toyota Corona CSi 2.4L EFI from Australia and New Zealand


The perfect first, economical, yet fast car


The car blew its head gasket at 250,000km on the previous owner. He didn't top up the coolant and fried the engine. The motor was fully reconditioned by the previous owner and has only had 40,000km since it blew.

Original seat covers a bit worn, no holes, but the previous owner put seat covers through it.

Two dings on the front corners of the car. Left as is, as they are only minor dents.

Roof is in a poor state.

General Comments:

I bought the car after it had the engine fully reconditioned, with 30,000km's on the new motor.

Chews through motor oil when doing a lot of highway driving if you don't use 20/70 oil.

The seats are really comfortable and I could probably fall asleep in them if I wanted to.

The tape deck that came with the car looks to be self installed, and there's a big whole where the previous radio used to be. I replaced the tape deck with a CD player.

The car has a bit of a touchy clutch, but with a bit of practice, you can take off very fast.

The 2.4L engine compared to the normal 2.0L really gives it a lot of extra grunt in all cases.

The car can make it up to 180 according to the speedometer, and as I am yet to test this, the fastest I've had it at is 150, which it handled fairly well. It was only at 3.5 thousand RPM. And it goes of the mark pretty well for an older car.

The car handles well even without power steering.

There's no Air conditioning. So in summer it is a problem.

The car is mechanically A1, doesn't have anything wrong with it, except it uses a lot of oil if you put cheap stuff in.

The car is VERY spacious, seating 5 in the car comfortably, no complaints from the back, even with 3 guys in there.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2003

1985 Toyota Corona 2.4 CS 2.4 Fuel injected from Australia and New Zealand


A quick, reliable car for a low price


Alternator has blown once.

Diff has gone 2 times (my fault...)

Fan belt replaced.

Water pump replaced.

Tail lights blow when it rains.

Tail shaft going...

General Comments:

I was very surprised to find out how quick the car was.

I have a bad habit of spinning the wheels which includes burn outs, sideways around corners and when its wet I spin 4th gear. It can be quite expensive due to replacing 2 diffs.

The car can go off the clock in 4th gear, still with 5th up its sleeve.

The interior is neat and everything works.

The back seats could have a bit more leg room.

The car drives very smooth and quiet.

Fuel economy is good unless you give it a hard time.

I don't have power steering, but it doesn't need it.

The car goes through a heap of oil (1L per 1000kms)

There is no rust in the body, but the boot has a water problem. Whenever it rains my boot carpet gets really wet, the taillights go blue and blow up and rust is starting to form.

I have tried to stop the problem by getting new boot seals, sealing the tail lights with silicon and installing rear mud flaps, but nothing has worked.

I have a high powered stereo which puts a lot of strain on the alternator.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2003

12th May 2003, 06:00

CS Model? I thought CS models were only 2L with the 2S engine? Maybe this is a CS-X?? Are they 2.4L??

I've got the same car (except Avante model), I'm wondering - driving it like that, have you had any problems with your gearbox yet? or does it feel like any are developing?? I'm starting to worry that I'm gonna tear my gearbox up (occasionally in races I crunch the gears a little from 1st - 2nd to get the fastest change time).

Yeah they're pretty quick for an old 4cyl, add extractors and a bigger exhaust and you get better performance out of them at the higher range of the revs BTW. You should do this if you wanna do the car up.

1985 Toyota Corona st141 2l from Australia and New Zealand


This is a great second car


Engine valve stem seals hardened resulting in lot of engine oil smoking from exhaust.

This was repaired for $160.00.

A new radiator cap.

Replaced timing belt at 80,000 km as a precaution. $120.00

Air conditioner re gas after detected a leaking "o" ring. $100.

General Comments:

I bought the car with after it had done only 80000 km on a fully overhauled motor.

I believe previous owner cooked the motor after a radiator leak and hence the hardening of the stem seals.

The car is typical Toyota quality.

Every option fitted on the car works.

The interior looks like new.

Everything is ergonomically designed.

It gets to the speed limit 100 kmh with little effort when in fifth gear.

It very easy to park in the city as compared to my previous Fairlane.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2003

1985 Toyota Corona CS 2.0 carb (leaded) from Australia and New Zealand


P-plater perfect


Fuel pump blew at 170,000km- 80 dollars

Radiator blew at 100,000km- 200 dollars

Auto blew at 120,000km- 300 dollars

Alternator blew at 170,000km- 110 dollars (reconditioned)

The starter motor will be the next problem.

General Comments:

It is no performance car, it can get to 100kmh in 10 seconds, but as long as it's not going up a hill.

The car is very petrol economical, good for P plater (my first car, handed down from my dad) and easy to drive.

It is quite comfortable, and vision around the car is also very good.

Doesn't have too bad crash test results for a car of it's age and can take a good belting.

The engine is basically laid out, so work can be done quite easily -- but the inlet/exhaust manifolds are on top of each other which can make things a bit tricky.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2002