4th Dec 2005, 05:53

I doubt if the parts are available anymore, but contact Alan Taylor of Rising Sun Collector Register at Banyo (Brisbane)

He probably has some NOS parts.

THe car used about $40 per week fuel.

6th Jun 2006, 13:19

I own a RX22 (mark II Hardtop) 2.0L of 1975.

It's a great car, and I like it even more than my St165 (Celica Turbo 4WD). The looks a great, the handling is even better (easy to drift sideways) and the attention is overwhelming.

If you like old Toyota's, than this is simply one of the most lovely ones you can own.

Engines will easily run over 800.000 kilometers and is the most reliable of the car.

16th Jan 2007, 01:15

I owned a 1975 Corona Mark II sedan from 1980 to 1982. it was my first car and received the brunt of my adolescent desire to inflict mechanical torture. It is a testament to how strong and reliable these things were - not a single mechanical failure in the two torturous years of ownership. Apparently the mid sized Toyotas where rather over-engineered in those days.

Anyhow the car was magnificent and its "4 door Celica" shape always got admiration from the girls and the blokes. The 112 KW output generally put me ahead of my friends in their V8 Monaros and GTR Toranas. The Engine was silky smooth and the ride comfort and cabin quietness was second to none in its time.

Handling was quite second rate however - the car ended up totalled whilst negotiating a bend late one night. What a shame that was - However; the memory of "Tokyo Joe" lives on...

27th May 2007, 15:31

I have two cars like yours, one is 1974 Toyota corona mark II,6 cylinder 4m engine this one is for parts only. The other one is 1976 Toyota corona mark II,6 cylinder 4M, engine.I'm, looking for somebody have the same car, if you have the same car please send me a picture or comments to my space or to my E-mail address (nemahouse@yahoo.com, (beta) Thank you.For everybody have the same model.

23rd Jul 2007, 16:46


I'm thinking of purchasing a 1975 Toyota Corona 2000 MARK 2 and I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the average fuel consumption of such a car? I'm 17 and a bit short on money, so it better not be too much.. (:

11th May 2009, 06:49

Hey guys.. my grandfather has a mark II coupe from 76.. Is there any set price on these babys? I have noticed they are very rare.