Cressida 4 door Sedan 6 cylinder

It's an old, unreliable, cashing wasting, headache

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If I was 18 back in 1983, and went to highschool in this car, I would be the most badass kid alive

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Cressida GL 6 cylinder petrol

Old school luxury, love it

209 words, Australia and New Zealand

Cressida Sedan 2.8L DOHC

The Cressida is Quick, Fun, Very Reliable!!

533 words, North America

Cressida 2.8L I6 DOHC 5M-GE


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Cressida LX Sedan 2.8L 5m-GE

A very reliable car

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Cressida DX 2.0

Classic, Comfortable and Reliable Car

82 words, Indonesia

Cressida Sedan 2.8L 5MGE

Probably still a good car for someone who can do a lot of their own work

223 words, North America