1985 Toyota Cressida 2.8L I6 from North America


A solidly built 80s classic


Alternator (aftermarket) was bad when I bought it.

Steering rack was bad when I bought it due to the previous owner not replacing split rubber boots.

General Comments:

Absolutely love it!

Bought a rust-free example in Texas for only $300. Replaced the alternator and worn-out steering rack, and drove my 29 year old gem home in air conditioned comfort, 1200 miles without a problem. Comfortable, quiet and reasonably sporty for its day... The car is very solid with NO squeaks, rattles or noises common to American cars of that age.

A true 80s classic that I'll be enjoying for many, many years to come.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2014

1985 Toyota Cressida from North America


If it runs great, buy it!


The heating and air didn't work.

Transmission wouldn't disengage, causing vehicle to stall.

General Comments:

This would have been a great car if the previous owner had taken better care of it.

The Barreta has quick acceleration and loads of power, a real pleasure to drive.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2004

3rd May 2004, 11:26

If this is supposed to be a review of the Cressida, why are you referring to the "Baretta"?

1985 Toyota Cressida 2.8 L6 DOHC from North America


Advanced for its day with standard equipment that is still hard to get on newer cars


The only thing "wrong" with the car is the Air Flow Meter wire harness is somewhat loose. Easily fixed. Valve Stem Seals are probably somewhat leaky as it puffs just a touch of smoke on startup.

General Comments:

I was fortunate in finding a Sport model which was offered with the W-58 five speed manual and limited slip differential. The vehicle had also been lowered an inch or two. This car with the lowering springs and a good set of Kumho Supra Ecsta 712 tires outperforms every vehicle I have driven except for the BMW M3 and the Audi TT Coupe. The 5M-GE is peppy enough to make driving fun especially with the five speed and the limited slip. Upgrade parts are somewhat difficult to find, but for a daily driver or even a car that will get up and go when you need it to this car is a great deal for the money they now sell for.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2004

25th Mar 2004, 18:58

Exactly which items of "standard equipment" on your Cressida are you referring to?

14th Jul 2008, 01:10

This car had lots of standard equipment. I had a similarly equipped 1987 Nissan Maxima, it had dual power seats, power mirrors, driver's seat lumbar support, cruise control, factory-installed security system, alloys, rear defroster, conveniently positioned information cluster, power windows, door locks, 3-way shock adjustable suspension, cloth bucket seats. The features listed may not seem like much but were very advanced during that day considering that most of those features were options, if they were offered at all for that matter. These cars were built at a time when dependability and quality were still important. Now-days, production is outsourced to factories in the US, Canada and Mexico and a purchase now is a lucky draw.

23rd Feb 2010, 21:21

We test-drove one of these once, a wagon. It had a nasty paint job, sagging rear springs, and many broken accessories. It didn't look good. That was, it didn't look good until my Dad, who was test-driving, put the pedal to the metal. The car sagged back on it's worn springs and was at 80 km/h in the blink of an eye! Our other car at the time was a Ford Taurus, and even a big, lazy lump like the 3.8L V6 couldn't match that kind of performance. These cars have great engines.

1985 Toyota Cressida GLi 5MGE V6 2.8L from Australia and New Zealand


A very good car for used car buyers


Air conditioner didn't work when I bought the car. Repaired by myself with a compressor from junk yard, evaporate valve was also changed due to congested. Costs $50 plus re-gas $60.

Brake locked at 240,000 Km due to dirty braking fluid. Changing the brake pump with a cost $600 by mechanical service.

Change a new muffler at $130 one week ago.

Camshaft pulley was found to be fixed in the wrong face at 250,000 Km and the timing belt was a little damaged. I think it was done by a poor technician when the timing belt was changed at 200,000 Km. Fixed the problem again by myself.

Alternator failed at 260,000 Km, bought a new one at the price $250.

General Comments:

In the old age of 18, the car is still in good condition, quite reliable and comfort.

Accelerating is OK, but cannot keep up the speed at 100 Km/hr when climbing a long hillside.

I love Cressida because it is rear wheel driven, modern bodied and built in high quality. It is a before 1992 Lexus, but much cheaper, isn't it?

A big toy for me. Gives me a lot of pleasure to drive it, damage it and repair it.

I believe it will does another 100,000 Km before it really needs a sleep at the junk yard.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2003