1989 Toyota Cressida 3.0 I6 from North America


Reliability, comfort, easiness to work on, all for less than $3000


Virtually nothing mechanical, the transmission switch went out and had to be rebuilt.

I had to push the gearshift towards the engine in order to start the car.

The speakers went out, all at different times, and had to replace them all (cheap and easy to do yourself).

As far as that goes, it does burn a little oil, but this is normal from what my mechanic told me.

General Comments:

I loved this car as I drove it. My dad gave it to me to use for school, and I loved how it handled; these cars have really good handling and they are very fun to drive; they don't look fast but they really are!

The gas mileage isn't great, but it isn't terrible; I got around 17-18mpg city, and I would definitely buy one of these cars.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2008

1989 Toyota Cressida MX-83 3.0L 24v DOHC from North America


A world class car


AC condensor has stopped working.

Tachometer has stopped working.

Leather seats are starting to show their old age.

Not too bad at all.

General Comments:

This is a World Class Japanese Luxury cruiser. I purchased this Cressida used off of the internet, even with the high miles I knew it was a real value for the money.

I have not had one major mechanical problem with the car since owning it. A few cosmetic things here and there such as the leather seats and broken tachometer, but that is expected with so many miles, plus it's old age.

This car could last forever. It still drives extremely smooth and is very quiet on the highway. Lots of power from the Supra engine too.

If you are looking for a reliable used car, why not a Cressida? They come fully loaded and offer great value. I would drive my Cressida any day over a new American made car, it is built to last.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2006

27th Mar 2006, 19:26

I used to own an '86 Cressida. I would love to buy another Cressida and fix it up, but finding one in good condition is next to impossible where I'm from, especially an MX83 model. I haven't seen one on the road in years. Oh well... it provided some great memories!!

18th May 2006, 18:14

I sold an '89 a couple months ago, almost perfect condition except for a couple dings in the front bumper, too. Bought it from an old man a few months before that, never had one problem with it (except an A/C recharge, which it held for at least as long as I owned it). I only sold it because my mom offered me a Corolla for free, and I liked the idea of better gas mileage.

1989 Toyota Cressida 3.0L Inline 6 from North America


Rear breaks were fried, but that's partly my fault as they would have most likely lasted a while longer if I hadn't driven the car home with the e-brake on.

A few minor cosmetic problems that were easily fixed by a trip to the local junkyard.

General Comments:

So far, I have no complaints whatsoever with the car. My last (and first, since I'm only 17) car was a Karmann Ghia that I'd fixed up in my auto shop class and basically drove the hell out of, and as much as I loved that little car, I got tired of the nearly constant attention it seemed to need.

So far this car has needed absolutely nothing except a drivers' side sun visor and power window switch (nothing wrong with it, it was just a little scratched up). It can and has cruised at 75-80 for 100+ miles at a time without incident, to be honest I can barely hear the road under the tires or the wind whistling over the body. There is always power there when I need it, although this car really doesn't give me any desire to drive it fast. It's just got that "old man" feel to it. The suspension might be a little loose by some peoples' standards, but I've never been a fan of the rock-hard you-feel-every-little-bump suspensions some cars have in them anyways. As long as you don't think it's a sports car, it should last a long time.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2006