1989 Toyota Cressida 3.o straight 6 from North America


Don't buy one unless you like pulling heads off


3 blown head gaskets. This is the Supra engine. I am very disappointed in Toyota for not admitting the problem. I have a lot of miles on it, but I also have a 65 Mustang with a lot more and not one blown head gasket. Toyota should address this persistent problem and get their heads on straight because I for one am going to Honda. I don't think I am alone.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2004

11th Feb 2005, 00:51

We have had 2 head gaskets go, one at 70,000 kilometers & the other at 140,000 kilometers. This is a one owner, country driven car, never been over 3000 RPM. It is treated as a baby. Toyota dealers quote A$1500 to A$4000 to fix the problem. Has anybody any idea what causes the head gasket problem, as the car is fastidiously maintained? Apart from this, we love it.

1989 Toyota Cressida from North America


Very good first car


There is minimal rust on the rear bumper.

There have been minimal repairs under the hood.

The leather seats have become old and have a few cracks, but overall in pretty good condition for being 14 years old.

General Comments:

This car was gift to me from my grandparents from my birthday and so far it has been a great car.

It runs really smooth and easy turning, is now one of my top picks for a first car.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2003

1989 Toyota Cressida Sedan 3.0 Litre In-line 6 from North America


One spectacular Toyota


Recently the brake calipers on the front left side seized. Though that problem was easily fixed for free.

When we bought the car the front right headlight is aimed slightly down farther than it should be due to a cracked mould, but that is easily fixed as well.

The parking lights on that side are loose as well, because of the same problem.

The clear-coat is peeling off of the back bumper, hardly noticeable.

General Comments:

My brother and I bought this car as our first, it was obviously some old man's pampered baby, only 125,000 KMs, and everything was spotless.

We even saw the original record from when the car arrived, it did had needed a thing to be safetied. It passed emission testing with flying colours, and had recently received a very professional new paint-job and brand new winter tires.

Not only does this car look good - and it does look good - but it performs. It has very good handling and 190 HP from the same engine Toyota used in the 1989 Supra.

The digital dash in ours is rather nifty, and it is loaded with all the features except the sunroof.

If you'd like a Lexus, but can't afford one, this car is for you, all the same amenities for less. Race Mustangs while being pampered by the luxury features and having the convenience of a 4 door sedan.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2002

1989 Toyota Cressida 3 liter DOHC inline 6 from North America




I don't really own this car, it's at the junkyard I work for.. This car was hit on the front end and has a bad rod knock which I assume is because of it's accident. We had to crack the ignition apart to start it, which was extremely difficult (Owners of this model should feel safe regarding theft). It also has a flat tire..

General Comments:

This car impressed me.. We were going to sell the engine, that is why we started it. I have always had an eye on this car, liking it more ever time I saw it. This car has been sitting in the same spot in the yard for over 3 years and the dash isn't cracked, the paint is not faded, and it started on the 1st crack of the ignition. Wow.

This thing has a broken connecting rod and it still has more power than most cars with good engines I fire up at the yard. I was very impressed with the interior, how advanced it is (especially for the period it was built in) it compares to new Cadillacs.

It also is apparently very tough.. It was hit hard in the front end and nothing else is damaged other than the bumper, it took the blow perfectly.. I hope I should be a proud owner of one of these cars in the future. Way to go, Toyota.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2001

24th Jun 2005, 05:33

Just goes to show how eye-catching a vintage Cressida can be!!!