1991 Toyota Cressida Base 3.0 liter inline 6 from North America


Toyota's best on wheels!


Since I own this Toyota, I have always had trouble. It's normal on Qu├ębec's salty roads. The A/C is not working since I bought the car.

The day I bought the car, the front bumper fell down, because of the reinforcement' rust.

I had no problem after 3 months, but my sister hit the rear in a pole and broke the light, trunk, and rear bumper.

Winter 2005, the engine over heated and Toyota said it's was the head gasket that was blown, like all the Cressidas did or will do!

So there is no ventilation in it.

Since this date, the car is sitting in my garage, and I just want to bring it on the road.

I love how it run, the sound of the engine and the RWD.

The car still has rust, but it's solid and none on the frame! Solid like all Cressidas!

The interior is like new, everything works like new!

General Comments:

The handling is like a sport car.

I love the power transfer on rear wheel; a special feeling when you touch the accelerator.

It stay on the road, and it's comfortable on the road with the wind in your hair from the sunroof!

I just love this car, it's like a dream, but it takes time to get used to the old exterior, but I don't care what people say.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2008

1991 Toyota Cressida LX V6 3.7L from North America


Best Car I've ever had!


I replaced the radiator at around 120000.

Seats very worn with large cracks that have led to "craters" at about 200,000.

Driver's side armrest, the plastic plate over the window buttons, cracked and broke at about 170,000.

The cup holder broke at around 150,000.

The stereo went out at 150,000.

The Visor broke at 150,000.

General Comments:

The car seems to just keep running and running despite all the wear and tear I've put in it. I love the way it handles and the way it takes hills. I'm quite comfortable driving this car and I've heard that the backseats are very comfortable as well. Right now I'm contemplating getting a newer vehicle, but I love my Cressida and I don't know if anything will compare to it in my price range. I would love to find a good source for replacement parts for the cosmetic problems without having to pay hundreds of dollars for each part.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2004

1991 Toyota Cressida GLX 7MGE 3.0 from Australia and New Zealand


A very high quality and very good vehicle which has actually cost little over 13 years


Jammed thermostat - after 3 yrs and again about 11 years. Car got very hot the first time it stuck - but I noticed it before any damage. Some sensor somewhere went blank so that cold starting was difficult because the cold start injector wouldn't fire. An auto electrician eventually wired up a fix and then it worked well. It had taken him two days on a previous customers car to find the fault and fix it.

Second time around it was stuck open and took 10 minutes driving to warm up on cold days.

Starter motor repair at 8 years - because of excessive use for the 2-3 years when it was hard to start.

Head gasket blown at 11 years - after flooring it hard after getting annoyed in traffic one night. It was idling rough when I pulled up at the next set of lights. In retrospect this was a consequence of the original thermostat problem - but for about 12 months I had been hearing bubbling through the heater just after starting from cold - until the engine warmed up. Cost $1000 for repairs - 4 thou taken off head.

Recently I'm hearing bubbles in the heater again which I suspect is another head gasket. My mechanic thinks that the previous mechanic may not have used a genuine head gasket, but rather an after market one.

Only other problem is a couple of hoses developed minor leaks over the last couple of years.

A slight vibration from the engine at 2000 rpm turned out to be the rear engine mount ($200 to replace). The engine is so smooth and quiet that minor problems become very evident.

No other problems at all. After 13 years still on 4th set of tyres and 3rd set of brake pads and 4th battery.

General Comments:

Far and away the best car I've owned.

Built like a tank. Not a rattle in the car - never has been.

Quite and smooth - although the suspension rubbers have hardened. Not a noise from the engine (always change oil at 5000-10000 kms). The engine is smoother and quieter than an AUIII (late 2002) Falcon that my wife drives (with 15,000km on the clock).

Exceptional body integrity/fitment and handling - ninety degree turns at 45km/h and no tyre squeal.

Replaced spark plugs three times at $96 then $110 and in Feb 2004 at $144. The last plug change returned top performance as it was getting sluggish.

Have used PULP fuel for 10 years as it pinged quite badly on normal unleaded.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2004

26th Jul 2004, 08:35

I'm looking to buy another car next year to replace my XF Falcon. A Cressida (89-92) is on my short list, but I'm a little short on funds (I'm a full time uni student).

I'm just wondering how expensive are parts (mechanical and body) and servicing costs compared to other vehicles.

Also, what type of fuel consumption do you get?




12th Nov 2010, 16:18

I am a proud owner. Bought the car last year. Have owned 3 Toyota's, and this has to be my favorite. The comfort and reliability is fantastic way ahead of its time, with all electrics and cruse control. Best car around.