24th Dec 2002, 00:07

Think about it. You have a car that is 17 years old. I own a 1986 Cressida also, but the difference is that I take good care of mine. It's a fine car. Yours is the first bad review I've seen on this particular car, and I've done extensive research on it. My girlfriend drives a 1985 Cressida, 274,000 miles and it runs like a swiss watch. Even the tape decks and A/C in both of our cars work, and I use mine all the time.

With a car that is 10 + years old, some minor things go wrong, but that is to be expected, especially if the car in question hasn't been cared for. things like carpet wear, burned out light bulbs and missing items are in no way Toyota's, or any other car manufacturer's fault. It all comes down to regular maintenance, which clearly you don't believe in. Please don't take this as a personal attack, it's not. Taken care of, the Cressida makes a great car. I have two excellent examples in my garage right now. Don't confuse lack of maintenance and poor care with a bad vehicle. Thanks, RG & MK.

30th Dec 2002, 02:56

I can't belive that someone could give such a nice car such a bad rep!. I first brought a 1983 model cressida with 180000 kms and drove it until it had 240000 on it and it was the nicest car I had ever driven. all my friends would say to me "that car has more options than mine and mine is only a couple of years old.'the truth is that these cars need to be maintained to last its obvious! all cars are like that. I recently brought a 1990 cressida and once again I can say that's the best car I have ever driven, and my parents have new cars!

7th Jan 2003, 06:31

My '91 Cressida is a gem, not only because it was a great car when new, but because it has been regularly serviced and cared for. Your particular one is a horrible car because it has been treated badly and made that way by its previous owners. I agree with the other commentors, stop bad-mouthing a magnificent automobile.

31st Oct 2007, 09:15

I couldn't agree more with the positive comments I've seen to date.

I own a 1986 Cressida wagon. My mother passed away and she left it to me. The car had just 72,000 original, well-kept and documented miles on it.

My Cressida is 21 years old and she runs better than many new vehicles! Good quality vehicle =D.

7th Jun 2008, 15:25

I LOVE the cressida. I have a 88 Cressida along with a Camry, Avalon, 2 corolla's and a 4-runner. I must say, my cressida runs just a good or better than the rest of my 5 vehicles.

19th Mar 2009, 21:10

This review is full of items that aren't the fault of the car and some are errors. Quite a lot of items listed could only be placed on the previous owner. I'll go point by point.

1) I've never heard of a properly wired 5M-GE short circuiting and causing any fire. People doing lousy wiring work on the car however is more common. You should have looked in the engine bay before buying.

2) Bulb is old, the car is 15 years old during this review.

3) Blame your government regulations or the bulbs are old.

4, 5, 8, 14) Bulbs are old.

6) Oh come on, you bought the car in this condition or you treated the car lousy this "thing that went wrong" can be applied to all cars. Even a brand new car can rust if a stone chip removes the paint.

7) Cassettes are mechanical, it's wear and tear here.

9) Uh... it doesn't have any light there.

10) You bought a car someone crashed... and you blame the car? You should have checked the condition.

11) The stock rims are aluminum, they don't rust. Either they're aftermarket or the previous owner left steel wheels on.

12) The A/C does break easily, this one is plausible.

13) The engine does leak... but what old engine doesn't?

15) Something you should have blamed the previous owner for but blamed the car instead.

16, 17 and 18) You bought the car in this condition, this is definitely not the car's fault you bought one with no spare tire or jack or the carpet was abused.

19) Personal opinion.

20) Car never came with cup holders.

21) Totally wrong, head room maybe but tall people can drive this car unless you're some freakishly tall 7 foot tall person, then the vast majority of cars will fail here.

Basically what we have here is an owner who did a poor job in checking the condition of the car he is buying. Quite a few light problems complaints yet failed to see bulbs don't run forever. There's a few errors here too.

6th Nov 2009, 21:03

Bulbs go out as they age, I doubt the manufacturer is to blame for the electric fire caused by the idiot who REWIRED the car wrong. Oil leaks can be fixed, it comes with age, and complaining about stuff the car didn't come with!?!?!

25th Aug 2010, 04:57

I have a 1986 Cressida wagon that I bought used in 1987. It is a great car, and without a doubt the best car I've ever owned, and I'm now 71 1/2 years old.

Had to replace the radiator once. Just last week had to put in a new rack and pinion (only $90.00 for a re-manufactured one), replaced the A/C compressor and that's it. Change the oil every 5,000 miles and the car just keeps rolling along with 186,000 plus miles on it.

Have a problem now with a clunk noise when I shift from park to drive, or reverse to drive. Took it to 5 transmission shops, and they all said the problem is not with the tranny. One shop said it might be the rear upper control arm bushings causing the noise.

Intend to keep this car forever, since my wife and I both absolutely love it.

Great car!!!


25th Aug 2010, 16:09

"The engine does leak... but what old engine doesn't?"

Our Pontiac is 56 years old and 100% original. I would think that qualifies as "old". The engine doesn't leak a drop of anything. Our 32-year-old Buick was sold in 2009 at 277,000 miles. The engine in it never had any leaks either. I'd amend the statement above to read "what old import engine doesn't leak."

26th Aug 2010, 21:22

How many seals and gaskets did you replace? Most all my domestics were leaking something before 100,000 miles. My imports slowly began to develop leaks after 300,000 miles.