14th Dec 2007, 15:48

I have an '89 Cressida and I HATE it. It does not have ABS or airbags and it is the noisiest vehicle on the road. I have heard it going inside my house. The acceleration is TERRIBLE. It takes forever to reach 60mph getting on the highway, and the thing skids like crazy in the winter. Oh yes, and the air conditioning went on me, and emits so much exhaust it may be the reason for global warming!

17th May 2008, 20:11

I have a 1989 Toyota Cressida and I love it. It has 206,000 miles and I just spent about 2,000 dollars on a new timing belt, some oil leaks, oil pump, gas pump and thermometer, plus a few other items. I still love the comfort of the car on the road, and am glad I am not facing a car payment and some of the troubles of the newer cars.

I am having trouble with a squeak when I switch the gears on the transmission, and the gas pedal is sticking, but hoping that will not be a big issue.

28th Dec 2008, 01:49

Hi everyone! I'm from Trinidad & Tobago. I got my Cressida back in 89 and I still have it today! It has a 1jz now ha ha. I've found new love in my Cressida all over again... I just might keep her for life!

14th Feb 2009, 19:47

Just bought a 1989 Cressida with 185,000 miles, 'cause I needed something cheap ($900) and in good condition, and the mechanic-friend with me advised me to get it -- that it was worth the asking price -- I had no idea it was such a "cult" car -- I hope I will be as satisfied as the other reviewers.

One question -- the automatic transmission does NOT seem to have any "kick-down" feature for emergency passing -- is this standard, or is my transmission defective?

Seems also to leak & burn some oil -- any recommendations for what oil is best to use?

9th Mar 2011, 14:15


I owned a Toyota Cressida 7/89' and I don't know if I hated it or not.

It rides smooth and everything, but the part that I hate is the tranny, this is the 4th time I have changed the transmission, I don't know why, I have always check the ATF, and out of nowhere just dies on me... Since this is my 4th transmission, I'm just going to buy it and sell the car.

So much for luxury, but their transmissions aren't very good.

4th May 2011, 19:07

I love my '89 Cressida. But now I seem to be locked out of every door, except the driver's door. What happened?

I only have 98,000 miles on it and it continues to perform wonderfully. I get an oil change and have had the A/C redone, as I live in Las Vegas, and couldn't get along without it.

If the driver's door jams, I'll be out of luck. Does anyone have any ideas about the problem?

Marilyn from LV.

12th Jun 2011, 15:23

Yeah, something about this car keeps me wanting to drive it, and wanting to tell people how fantastic it is. The seamless transmission coupled with the smoothest inline 6 engine, totally sound proofed, rust proofed, man - what a machine.

I've researched cars to no end because I love em, and I've gotta say the Cressida (mx83) is probably the best made car... maybe ever! I say this because of the way the components come together, not the components as individuals. The car as a whole is bullet proof, which offers economy, power, comfort, and outstanding drivability.

The suspension is set up to maximise comfort while optimising handling and control (awesome traction over all 4 wheels-weight distribution related).

The engine is quiet, quick and economical (you won't hear me swoop past, and the cops won't believe their eyes, so you'll get no tickets).

People always fall asleep in the car (its like my lounge room on wheels) and the smooth transmission doesn't jerk passengers around, even under throttle.

Basic instrumentation and only necessity in electrics will see this car be trouble free for... forever. Best car I've had, and also the cheapest I've ever bought. Who'd of thought?

Toyota made some seriously good cars in the 90's... the Avalon, Aurion and 'whatever' are a long way from the cars Toyota forged their reputation on unfortunately. I guess the introduction of Lexus was always going to see this happen, otherwise they would effectively be competing against themselves. I'm a little disappointed Toyota haven't made a car as good as the Cressida; now if I want the same quality, I have to buy a Lexus and pay double just for the badge. Considering the quality of my Cressida, I'll still probably pay it! Damn you Toyota! Curse you Lexus! Bless you depreciation! Safe motoring to you all, and may all your lights be GREEN.