1984 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon 2.8L 6 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Luxury limo


- The alternator was burnt out due to the previous owner using jumper leads the wrong way around.

- Brakes began failing.

- Steering alignment continuous maintenance.

- Tyre wear on front wheels.

- Sun damage on paint.

- Clips on interior consoles have rotted, and once you take something off, it's hard to put it back on.

General Comments:

- The crown is the most comfortable car I've ever driven and owned; the soft suspension is amazing, I love turning corners and feeling the smooth gears click into place.

- I wish to restore the crown with a new paint job, some nice wheels and a new interior.

- Only problems with the Crown is its fuel economy, especially when I run it on premium I find it costs about $25 for a hour drive without the dual air-con system running. Nearly $100 for a full tank.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2008

1984 Toyota Crown MS123 2.8Lit FI petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Big, heavy comfortable reliable and unbeatable


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

The Crown is not a car for everyone. It's performance is steady rather than spectacular, especially around town. On the open road, it's a different animal altogether. The weight that makes itself very apparent in town becomes an ally on the highway, providing inertia that helps the car return reasonable fuel economy.

The ride in all conditions is luxurious and quiet and all Crowns, regardless of year (I've owned a few) are usually better appointed than their contemporaries. Probably the most underrated (and therefore best value) Japanese car on the road, but you need to understand them to truly appreciate them.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2007

1984 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon 2.8 EFI straight six OHC from Australia and New Zealand


An wonderful car to drive if hasn't been neglected


My Radiator was badly blocked, was heating intermittently since I bought the car, had it repaired at 208000km.

My overdrive solenoid was not working since I bought the car. had it replaced from a wrecking yard, but the new one sometimes kicks the overdrive in late, after 70km/h.

My starter motor failed soon after I bought the car, had it replaced from a wrecking yard.

My electric in tank fuel pump failed soon after I bought the car, had it replaced from a wrecking yard.

My heater tap failed soon after I bought the car. had to get it replaced from a wrecking yard as was losing water.

My central locking has failed at 200000kms.

Developed 2 water leaks at 205000kms. one in the engine block, and one in a hose. poured a $10 solution in to cooling system which fixed the engine block leak. hose was replaced with spare hose.

The operation of electronic aerial is buggy.

The exhaust flange gaskets were replaced at 200000kms, and are already in need of replacing again.

General Comments:

Car cost $1500au and immediately had problems to fix.

Car is rear wheel drive.

Car features a Full Frame chassis, so the car is very solid.

Car features Dual air conditioning (front and rear, with rear controls), air purifier, rear cool box, cruise control, power steering, electric windows, electric mirrors. 4 wheel disc brakes, independent rear suspension and tow bar.

The car weighs over 1525kg. it accelerates from 0-100km/h in 9 seconds.

Acceleration is very smooth and even.

The car should use premium unleaded petrol as the engine pings about with regular unleaded.

The car uses 14-16L fuel per 100km. a real fuel guzzler.

The gear changes are very smooth.

The suspension is wonderful, the car is even comfortable on gravel roads.

The car is effortless to drive.

The car cannot be driven hard in the wet, as it goes sideways too easily. once it goes sideways you cannot control it. but you can control slides on a dry road.

I have previously driven 2 Toyota corollas, a nissan prairie, a Holden barina, a Suzuki swift GTi, a Mitsubishi lancer and a Nissan skyline. The crown feels much smoother and comfortable than any of these cars. It is also the easiest to get sideways. and is only slower than the swift GTi from the lights.

I have let a friend drive this car once. He drives a Honda legend 1990. He was amazed by the crown's smoothness.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2004

7th Apr 2004, 01:10

I owned a Crown 2600 Super Saloon and a Crown 2800 EFI Royal; both were exceptional vehicles.

The 2600 is under powered and a bit of a barge to be sure, but was total luxury and often referred to as a Japanese Mercedes with more bells 'n' whistles.

The Royal was years ahead of its time, indeed the Lexus of '84. I have never driven a more solid car outside a Merc.. The build quality was spot-on and absolutely everything *worked*.

It was still going after 280,000km, having been driven around much of Australia, good roads and bad. The only reason we sold it was my wife & I retired to the country, didn't need two vehicles, and our 4WD suited our purposes better.

Unless I buy a $300K Merc I doubt I'll ever have as good a car again <g>.