5th May 2004, 06:43

I am from Trinidad in the Caribbean. I actually owned 2 Toyota Royal Saloons, having bought both as used vehicles. The first was a 1983 Model that I acquired in 1986. It worked fine and drove smoothly. It was pure super luxury and having gotten accustomed to driving this heavy vehicle, I passed it on in great condition to my wife who had just sold her Corolla. In 1996 I bought a 1993 Model Royal Saloon and it proved to be another great vehicle. However, I loved the older model better. We sold both vehicles when we had to relocate to Geneva, Switzerland to work in the UN system.

I believe these Royal Saloon vehicles compare well with Benzes and other luxury models, and can be acquired at lower cost. Parts were expensive and I had to access Toyota specialists to work on the vehicles every time. But a few times I had to get used parts from scrap yards since new parts were not available. I was extremely satisfied with the cars and soon I will acquire a Prius.

Robin Em.

23rd Oct 2004, 11:14

I am the person that wrote this review. since the review the car had more problems. I sold the car and will never buy a Crown again. Stay away from these unreliable cars.

29th Dec 2004, 22:54

I own a 1984 3litre crown. I have traveled about 50 000km in it. I have found it to be fast and reliable and economical on petrol (30mpg on a trip).These are a great car that you can get cheap and drive like a much more modern car.

1st Sep 2005, 12:29

I currently own 5 Toyota Crowns, 1979, 1983, 1984, 1989 and 1990, so I believe I'm pretty well qualified to comment on the subject. These are generally very reliable cars. Unreliability problems will result in any car if they are not well taken care of. Considering the age of the cars no one should be surprised that certain things stop working. Of the Crowns I own, the MS122 from 1984 is my absolute favorite, followed closely by the 1990 one. Have been driving crowns for 15 years now and would absolutely recommend them.

Just for you to know: My 1984 Crown is all original, with 372.000 km and is still used as a daily driver.

23rd Oct 2005, 07:32

Hi, I have a Toyota Crown Royal 1985 it is in immaculate condition inside and out, but I think the fuel injection is now gone, I have had the head rebuilt, the gear box, the alternator, all electrical, everything works it is great to drive even the little fridge works, but unfortunatly parts are hard to get and just spending $4500.00 on fixing it in the last year, I am departing with it so if anyone is interested even for wrecking let me know, it has a brand new battery in it and also new tyres everything is original on it, silver in colour and blue inside. air conditioner works to cruise control and controls in back. icq: 213998221 Brisbane.

8th Jan 2006, 18:25

Likewise, I own a 1988 Crown Royal G and am very impressed by the smoothness and overall quality. Mine is the 3.0 Litre Six engine with 115 000 kms and I've had few problems. Further to what the last person said, I too am curious about the air suspension. While it gives a perfect ride, I wonder if it has sustained damage due to our harsh Australian roads. I know these cars were not built with our roads in mind. If anyone does have any info regarding troubleshooting and maintenance of air suspension please post it!

14th Jan 2006, 10:10

We bought a 1984 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon about 3 years ago, at about 240000k, it now has about 260000k. Here are the things that have gone wrong, and the action been taken to try and fix it: (keep in mind, the car is still stuffed it struggles to do more than 110km/h, (on a motorway)


Head reconditioned - 2 times,

Engine replaced - 1ce.

Transmission - reconditioned about 5 times...

Power steering pump -once

Power steering box - twice.

Starter motor.



Air conditioning gas, re-gassed 3 times, Now it blows a fuse after about 20 seconds of using it.

The rear air conditioner never works.

Love the way the car looks, feels sitting inside, but having already spent more money on it than we paid for it, and in fact a brand new car, I would probably not recommend it.

22nd Jan 2006, 03:15

Hello to everyone. I live in Ukraine if anyone knows where it is. It happened that way that I used to have five different models of outstanding Toyota Crown. My latest one 1990 Royal Saloon G I sold in 2003 as I faced the problem whether to repair and improve its 7M-GE engine cooling system to drive it as fast as I used to, or to sell it. In fact there are only 3 common problems with Crown due to its construction and age - steering vibration, air suspension and in case of 7m- overheating which is also the headache of 1987-90 Toyota Supra (Soarer) owners. But You know, all can be fixed and it is up to your loving the car, good mechanic and of course money. In my country Police is no problem so I regularly drove my Crown up to 160-180 km\h which in 5 years of my driving her in Ukraine (12 -total age of Crown) caused overheating. So I sold her and that was a mistake as I couldn't find Crown that I wanted. Now days it became harder in Ukraine to buy a Japanese car in good condition. So I bought 1998 Nissan Laurel Medalist 2500 four. Nice car, fast, but without attitude that Crown had. My favourite Crowns are 1982 Super Saloon extra and 1990 Royal Saloon G. I don't like later models. Instead I recommend to buy Lexus GS 300 or Crown Majesta. Those cars I drove and liked a lot.

5th Jun 2006, 16:36

We also own a 1993 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon G. This is a used car that came from Japan in 2005. So far we are very pleased with the service we have received; the interior is luxurious and it is airbag suspension. However, the airbag suspension was excellent until a few days ago. We are uncertain as to what has caused the problem, and we are experiencing difficulty ascertaining the problem.

At present we can't drive it because it is too low. The mechanics were unable to look under it because they were unable to get it on the romp. If there is anyone with similar problem, we would appreciate hearing from you. My email address is onlyorette2@hotmail.com.

Thanks in advance.

8th Jul 2006, 09:46

Hi, I bought Toyota Crown year 1991 2.8 Royal Saloon six months ago, and it runs perfect. Since I bought I need to fixe the interior. I am in Thailand and I want to know if I can get second hand parts?

27th Jul 2006, 23:33

I own a 1983 Toyota crown Royal Saloon. It is special edition with a beige leather top.

Man it's 2006, and after a complete engine overhaul, the car still alive & kicking.

A highly advanced car for it's time. It has climate control, dual zone air conditioning, electric overdrive, 2.8 litre quiet engine, central locking (auto locks the car when speeds above 20km/hr) electric front & back seats, mini cool box (about 6 cans), air purifier, electric antennae, trunks, power steering, hydraulic brakes, comes with 6 speaker electric radio & cassette player.

The dashboard is amazing. It provides full information about the car.

Mine was 4 speed automatic. The car is amazing ride. So smooth & excellent acceleration inspite being a pretty heavy car.

The best part is it completely electric, so it's repairable by your regular mechanic. I have Merc 190E 2.0 (1992) and a Skoda Octavia L&K turbo (2000). The latter is fully computerised, rather electronic, so I have no other choice, but to go the dealer (a bit expensive).

Comparing the 1983 Crown Royal saloon car to present cars:

It has everything to offer, maybe except for cruise control and airbags. The only disadvantage is the fuel consumption, which is considerably low. Well what the heck.. This car is still my numero uno on my list.