1993 Toyota Estima Emina 4wd 2.2 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


A LEMON that deserves to be used as a boat anchor


These cars are LEMONS. I have spent over a thousand dollars on parts in the first year I had it; sway bar mounts, tension bars, rack ends, CV joints, drive shaft, ETC ETC and NOW THE DAMN AUTOMATIC GEARBOX HAS PACKED UP!!! What a nightmare! A 'new' second hand box is $350 and get this, I can replace it and it still may not fix the problem because it may not even be the gearbox at fault - it may or may not be one or both solenoids and/or the ECU!!!

I have decided to cut my losses and scrap the car for parts, and take it as a lesson to keep away from 'modern' technology!

General Comments:

Despite the attractiveness of its practicality - ie the huge amount of room inside and the comfort of the ride etc., and the reputation that Toyotas in general have, KEEP CLEAR of Estimas as you would keep clear of the plague!

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Review Date: 29th December, 2007

30th Dec 2007, 10:11

What do you expect for a 13 year old car with 300000 kilometres on it?

If you want reliability buy a new one, don't diss a manufacturer as "lemons" when you buy an old heap.

3rd Feb 2008, 20:36

*shakes head* You've gotta be kidding.

I agree with the last two comments - there is no way you can accurately judge a car when it was 13 years old when you bought it and had done over 300,000k. Add to that the fact that, being an import, it wasn't designed for the Australian market or climate and you have a vehicle that is probably doing very well to get you from A to B at all!

For the record, $350 for a reconditioned auto gearbox is dirt-cheap; replacement boxes for the '99 Magna I drive set you back more than double that, if I'm told correctly (mine's never had a problem (touch wood)).

I think this disgruntled Toyota ex-owner should do more research before buying a car in the future.