24th Apr 2008, 16:58

300.000k? What do you expect? I have one made '93 with only 90.000k. Works perfect. And another secret: turbo diesels needs synthetic oil.

9th Apr 2009, 15:37

Just wondering for my general research; are there any 2.2 TD Estima / Emina owners that have had good experiences even with old high miler examples?

Interesting about turbo diesel engine needing synthetic oil. Is that TD engines in general, or just for Toyota Estimas?

Any comment replies to this would be most welcome, cheers.

18th May 2009, 19:16

Bought mine at 142000km, now at 247000km 3 years on, oil changed as service interval and all the other usual regular maintenance, never missed a beat and starts in all weathers, first time every time (except when I left the lights on)

I know the cylinder head can be an issue on these, but how long they last seem to be down to how well they are looked after in general.

As to synthetic oil, I've never worried too much what I use as long as it's changed regularly, the right grade for the engine and most importantly cheap.

If mine only manages to reach 350000km, I will be disappointed, I seriously expect rust will get the car before mechanical failure kills it. Which could be many years yet as it was spotless when it was imported (amazing considering it was almost 12 years old when I got it)

7th Mar 2010, 04:29

I bought a 1992 2.2TD manual Estima Emina two years ago, and I have had no problems with it up until now (dual mass flywheel has gone) which is not bad considering the age of the car (currently being repaired). This vehicle has towed a 24ft caravan numerous times without a problem, and hopefully will continue to do the same once the repairs are done (a real gem).

15th Sep 2010, 04:54

All I'm wondering is does anyone know diesel's 300,000 is nothing? I have a diesel with no turbo. It has 400,000 on the clock and runs like a dream, burns no oil. I just change the oil and filters every 6,000 on average. I would like to say they're not run in till they hit 200,000. :)

31st Oct 2010, 04:02

Wow.. I am impressed with all these positive comments on this one of a kind getaway chariot. And yes, I've never heard anyone saying this car is a lemon so far, and this one is an exception.

19th Mar 2014, 20:45

This guy is not really to hard to please, all he wants is a 15 year old car at a 15 year price in showroom condition; now come he's not being unreasonable, is he?

20th Mar 2014, 14:08

The owner will just need to get another car more "worthy" and be taught a hard lesson on gratitude and good fortune, and as many songs go, "you don't know what you've got until it's gone."

20th Jan 2015, 21:34

Has anyone changed the timing belt on an Emina? Mine's has done 148000, but I don't know if it's been changed.