12th Oct 2013, 16:58

I have a limited edition 1996 Toyota Lucida with turbo. I bought it second hand, and unfortunately it has no manual with it, and being that all the diagrams on the fuse box are in Japanese, it makes it hard to read what problems are coming up.

My amber car light on the far left in the shape of a car seems to come on and stay on, now and again. It looks like it may mean something to do with my lights; what does this icon mean?? I also have an immobiliser on it, and every time I kick the car over, my hazard lights stay on for well over 30 seconds, then go out. How do I stop this from happening??

My last concern is that I am about to embark on a 12 hour journey; are these cars built for long trips, and what do I need done before driving it this far??

8th Jul 2014, 04:55

Hey there, I have a Toyota Lucida 1996 auto (260000 km) petrol. When I'm driving along and the revs are at about 2000 RPM, the engine sometimes splutters. To stop it I have to up the revs. Any ideas on how to fix this? I have already replaced the spark plugs, spark plug leads, distributor cap, coil and ignitor. Please help.

8th Jul 2014, 17:03

I'd see if the throttle body needs to be cleaned. I had a car that did some of those same things, and the problems were directly correlated with how much buildup/grime was in the throttle body.

4th Oct 2014, 16:10


We have 400 000 km on the clock. Have owned the car for 9 months and going strong. Lovely vehicle, previous owner changed the head 10 years ago and a bigger radiator. We love the car, will definitely take it on the beach. Have done 10000km with it and need to do the glow plugs as she battles to start on our cold mornings only. But not ever any problems.

20th Mar 2015, 17:54

Hi, thanks to the guy from NZ for the info about that engine head fix. We are from South Africa, got an imported 3CT 2.2 TD motor in a homebuilt farm pickup truck; it started puffing smoke like it's running on 3 cylinders. One day it blew a bunch of water out the exhaust, so me and Dad took the top off and found that the cylinders were cracked. The turbo is also leaking oil into the inlet manifold, so maybe we gotta fix that too.

Thanks anyway, have fun.

Greetings, Johann Langner.

8th Nov 2015, 12:16

To avoid your Toyota Lucidas from heating up, there's a simple solution; put in a 3 core radiator; a Toyota Noah one also fits with minor modifications, plus you have to bleed (draw out air) the cooling system. It's easy, run the engine to normal temperature, then slightly loosen the clips on 1 of the connecting hoses under the right hand side seat; do not remove the hose, only loosen the clips. Air will pass out, and tighten the clip as water starts to run. Be very careful as it will be very hot. Thanks.

7th Apr 2016, 09:24

Have you found out what that symbol means? I'd like to know, too.