10th Oct 2006, 14:43

I agree with the above in all areas except one. The comments are generally helpful. However all engines, regardless of year, make or model, one will always get better gas mileage with higher octane. My wife calls me obsessive-compulsive about mpg and I have found that running the lower octane in engines save $$ and I don't miss the small decrease in power. Plus this guy clearly stated he is not worried about mpg.

19th Dec 2006, 13:45

Just a follow-up from my initial report...I now have 10,000 km. on the vehicle, and still no problems or complaints.

..I was a little hesitant about purchasing the FJ Cruiser (originally), as I had read that it was primarily designed as an off-road vehicle. ...Well..I just got back from a drive from B.C. to Reno NV., and I tell you, I had to work at it to keep the vehicle below 90 mph. on the I-5...I*ve driven this route perhaps 40 times in the last 13 years, and this is, undoubtedly, the most comfortable ride I*ve ever taken down there.

...Coming back, I ran into a heavy snow storm. I just slipped the gear shift into position locking the front and rear drives, and not a problem. ...The vehicle has a huge clearance, under the frame.

Ironically, on my drive within the US, I only saw 5 other Cruisers on the highway. Must be slower getting these vehicles into the US market, as I have seen the same number up here on a 50 mile stretch of highway. It also wasn*t aa big a head-turner in the US (as it is in Canada), as I think most mistake the FJ Cruiser down there, for a Hummer.

Incidentally...I did step up my comprehensive insurance, as because the vehicle is so new, the generic windshields have not been mass produced yet. Thus, I*d be looking at a 900 dollar bill to replace a cracked one (As opposed to the 300 dollar "Liberty" windshield)...Unfortunately, they sand the B.C. highways with road mulch, so I*ve already had numerous glass repairs.

8th Jan 2007, 16:48

I'm currently looking at buying one and I was wondering about blind spots on it (the whole back end looks like a huge blind spot) other than that I like the idea, make Hummer get a little scared!

10th Jan 2007, 15:06

This vehicle rocks. It looks different than anything on the market. I love it. As for the back up thing. Yes, it is limited viewing. So what. If you are really worried about it get a back up camera. It is 200 dollars, but adds one more cool factor to the SUV. Place it in the drivers side glove box and pop it up and use it when needed.

Just buy it you will love it!

28th Feb 2007, 20:21

Heck, you can get a back up camera at Wal-Mart for like, $90 bucks. I drove one for the first time the other day, and man, do I love it. It is definately a head turner. The back visibility does take some getting used to, and I thought about when I get one that I could take the spare tire off the hatch, and just keep it in the back... that way, the visibility might be a little better. I was fascinated by the fact that it had three windshield wipers. The model I drove was the 4x4 Automatic. Although I would prefer a 6 speed manual, my fiance can't drive a manual. She liked to too, since we have two dogs, and live by the beach. She is 5'0", and did just fine with it! It was kinda funny seeing her behind the steering wheel of this monster though...

These things rock.

11th Oct 2007, 07:00

I have about 15K miles and find its one of the best vehicles I drive (Have 4-Runner/350 Z/Z-71 Chevy PU/Grand Marque). I make regular trips into horse pastures, cross streams, up mountains and hills... I haul my boat (Pontoon) and horse trailers everywhere... and yes on the highway it is fast with exceptional acceleration so you have to watch your speed...overall gas (MPG) is about 20 city/23 highway on 87 octane... My son’s like it too …. Overall I rate this vehicle very high….

11th Oct 2007, 10:20

I too was interested in the FJ cruiser until it actually became available. First of all, it was supposed to start at 19k. When it finally hit the showrooms, it was more like 25k. All the dealerships I went to had jacked the prices even higher. Basically, the price was close to 30k out the door. At 19k, the build quality is what I would expect. At 30k, I feel it is a tad on the plastic, flimsy side. That and it gets horrendous fuel economy. In my opinion, Toyota could have had a real winner on their hands if they had delivered the vehicle within their spec prices. But they blew it and even today they are niche vehicles.

14th Oct 2007, 19:52

Highly capable off road! Looks tough. I really like this truck.

That said, if you are looking for for something to ride around town in (and can admit to yourself that, NO, you will never drive it in the mud) then get something else. What it has in off-road capability and style, the truck lacks in comfort, gas mileage, and 360 degree visibility. If you do plan to do some off-roading, then you can't do too much better than an FJ (at least not right off of the lot).

15th Oct 2007, 16:02

I agree the IFS (independent front suspension) and awesome offroad visibility are amazing... heh...

13th Nov 2007, 17:04

A shame for an enthusiast Fj lover! The original, a direct clone of the Jeep Cjs, had at least the attributes...

13th Nov 2007, 19:31

Highly capable! Have you tried it? Based on reviews, it is rather not capable! Without Rubicon tested criteria, what does it worth? The look?

13th Feb 2008, 02:09

I just recently bought the 2008 sand color FJ cruiser automatic, 4x4, with an exceptional sound system including a boom box in the back and entire headliner as a flat panel speaker. My wife, friends, and I took it to Big Bear a couple of times and once during the recent storm. The truck is really capable, had lots of power, and I was in control with or without the snow chains. The best past I love is how easy it is to clean the inside after getting dirty in the snow. I find it easier to just use a wet towel to clean the floor instead of using a vacuum cleaner. Takes 5-6 minutes tops compared to the carpeted SUV's where you'll spend gazillion of minutes keeping it clean or worrying trying not to get it dirty. I also did get the same experience from people driving on the road trying to take a peep at the ride. The back up sonar was helpful, but my wife prefers a back-up camera since she drives a Prius equipped with one. We bought one at walmart on sale $75. It definitely helped a lot... buy the camera.

7th Mar 2008, 09:38

VooDoo Blue automatic 4x4... LOVE it... Drove from Alabama to Montana and back.. Great trip.. The FJ is a monster offroad. I traded my 98TJ in on the FJ. CAN'T knock the Jeep, it was/is superior on the trails, but not practical for a commuter / dog x 3 hauler.. Had to make the switch. I've had my FJ now for 1.5 years now and have zero regrets.