17th Jul 2008, 04:13

I have a 1992 Surf 2.4 turbo. I go off road quite a bit and love to drive it, go pretty much anywhere I am game take it.

Mechanically it has been disappointing, clutch and flywheel rebuild at 150000km, cracked a head at 190000km, had to replace fuel pump seals at 200000km, front brake calipers seized at 180000km, starter contacts this week.

It eats tires at $800 a set.

It is a good strong truck, but will keep you broke!!! My next truck will be a Suzuki.

21st Mar 2010, 21:18

I purchased a secondhand 1993 LN130 Hilux Surf in Dec-2008, and soon went on a family vacation. On our way home, while going up the hill, the engine got overheated and have to stop till it cools. After that, I drove very carefully and reached home safely. The next day I went to a mechanic, and on inspection found the radiator was blocked. Paid around $ 300/- and thoroughly got cleaned and since then no problems.

This car inspired me know more about cars, and now I look after it. Great car; just do your regular maintenance and it will last for a long time.

I change oil and filter clean air filter every 5000 km.

I change coolant every 25000 km and ratio for coolant is 50/50. Always use distilled water and never use tap water.

Yes, the Hilux rocks.

26th Apr 2010, 07:22

Hi, I bought a 1991 Toyota Hilux Surf 2.4 diesel automatic. We had a few overheating problems, mainly when towing our caravan. Just want to know if there are any helpful hints on repairing it? It runs like a dream when it's not towing, problem is we have a blocked radiator; how would we free it so we can rule out that repair? Look forward to any suggestions.

25th May 2010, 10:38

I bought Hilux Surf 2.4 Turbo automatic engine.

During the the past years it performed very wonderfully. However, it has let me down in the past few months.

It started with an overheating and all the water in the radiator had almost dried up. I refilled the radiator and was able to drive back over a stretch of over 200km without any problem.

One day as I was driving back from work, I noted some water leakage on the ground as I had stopped. When I checked what the problem was, I discover that one of the belts had been broken. I replaced all the belts at immediately.

Later after some months, I was driving at a speed of over 120km/hour and I was really enjoying the wonders the machine was performing. When I checked on the dashboard, I noted that the temperature gauge was registering a rapidly rising temperature. I immediately stopped the vehicle until the engine was cool. It had overheated once again. I refilled the radiator and was able to drive to and back a journey of over 150km without any problem. After a month I noted that the overheating happened once again. What should I do to ensure that it does not overheat? What should be the problem? Please advise me, because I like my Surf.

11th Jan 2011, 22:33

I have just bought a 1993 Toyota Hi-lux Surf with the 2.4.

In the morning when you start it, it sounds like it's flooded, but once it warms up it's fine. Can this be a lazy injector dropping fuel or a fuel line, or has it got some thing to do with the glow plugs?

19th Aug 2011, 13:13

True... look after your girl and she will look after you... wooooot, a sexy beast... The Hilux Surf rocks.

25th Feb 2012, 17:19

Clean the cooling system, which will be full with mud :d.

10th Apr 2014, 05:00

I own a 91 SSR limited 2 door Surf and would love to do great things to it. It's done over 200,000 km and still goes hard. It's a 2.4 TD and I am toying with the idea of either putting a V6 or V8 in it. Just trying to get an idea of how this can be done?