30th Nov 2011, 18:12

You have my sincerest sympathy. My wife and I test drove about 8 SUV's in 2003 before buying one. When we test drove a 2003 Highlander V-6, we couldn't get the thing back to the dealer's lot fast enough!! The brakes were defective and the car lurched violently to the left every time you hit the brakes. It was so under-powered that merging onto a freeway was a nightmare.

Lastly, pieces of the interior were literally falling off as we drove the car. I can imagine the horrors we would have faced if we had bought one!! And in our area Toyota is notorious for refusing to fix their vehicles, even under warranty.

We ended up buying a solid, reliable and amply powerful GM SUV. That vehicle just hit 100,000 miles without one single problem, not even a brake job yet. And no, we have not checked our drain tube. It hasn't stopped up. That is NOT a common problem on well-built domestic vehicles.

4th Dec 2011, 14:06

I am not saying this vehicle is a perfect vehicle; having never owned one, I can't form that opinion. But I do know that my father worked for years as a auto glass tech. He had many people come in and complain that their windshield was leaking, only to find out the issue was plugged drain tubes. And a lot of these cars were domestics. The van I owned that had the same issue was a Chrysler. So, yes, it is common for this to happen, no matter what vehicle you own. Especially in certain areas. I lived in SC, and we had a big problem with sap from pine trees causing the issue.

9th Dec 2011, 18:55

I'm not a fan of Toyota garbage either, but I do agree with 14:06, clogged A/C drain tubes can occur on any car or truck in just about any climate.