Landcruiser 4.5L gasoline

The most reliable AWD 4x4 SUV available

180 words, North America

Landcruiser Land Cruiser II 2.8 TD

A definite rock-hopper

231 words, Guatemala


Best all around versatile, dependable vehicle for the money

117 words, North America

Landcruiser VX-R 4.5L V6

This car is a reliable, exciting car which will never bore you, I advise it to anyone!!!

113 words, United Arab Emirates

Landcruiser LJ70 LX 2.4 turbo diesel intercooler

The best 4x4 by far!

104 words, Netherlands

Landcruiser All options 4.5L I6

Tough but unreliable

133 words, North America, 14 comments

Landcruiser VX Auto 4.2 turbo diesel

Great fun

92 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment