1998 Toyota Landcruiser TZ 3.0 turbo intercooler diesel from Malaysia


A very good performer


Automatic transmission oil pan leak transmission oil due to leaky gasket. replaced free by dealer.

Air conditioner sometime do not work even when turn on. have to off then on again.

General Comments:

Very low fuel consumption for a 3.0 compared to my previous land cruiser LJ70. Engine performance is very good, lots of torque from 1800rpm Suspension is too soft and body roll is too much. Needs a set of stiffer springs and shocks.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2002

1998 Toyota Landcruiser vx 3.0td from UK and Ireland


If you need a true offroader buy a landcruiser, if not, buy a car!


Cracked cylinder head at 46,000 m.

Warped disks replaced at 50,000m.

General Comments:

Although suffering problems with a cracked cylinder head (something that should not happen on a car that's supposedly indestructible) which was repaired under warranty, I was disappointed by Toyota's (both dealer and UK headoffice) lack of interest in investigating the cause of the problem and discussing recompense for providing an alternative vehicle whilst mine was in the garage.

This was a disappointing response, even after approaching one of Toyota UK's main board directors. I'd be happy to post the names of the UK board here for anyone who's interested.

Having said all that, the landcruiser is a solid, generally well-built vehicle for anyone needing a solid utility vehicle with the ability to carry around 8 people. It has the pulling power to tow just about anything anywhere and believe me I've tried!

The engine delivers the right combination of torque and power for the kind of utility uses that my landcruiser is generally put to (Landrover Discovery drivers take note, the Disco diesel is extremely underpowered for serious work!)

The interior is generally well put-together, although could do with a bit of updating, and provides a good level of comfort (VX).

Running costs are high and spares expensive, although anyone looking to purchase must bear in mind that this is a serious bit of machinery, with some heavy engineering and a lot of heavy duty moving parts! If you buy one, make sure you need one, or you'll complain about the cost.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2002

1998 Toyota Landcruiser Prado RV 2.7 4 cylinder petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A very handy and versatile vehicle with a great sense of dependability and marvelous stability


Material "boot" around the gear lever in the cabin has come loose.

General Comments:

Very flexible engine that freely spins to 4500rpm (and higher), yet also does reasonably well in slow gentle slogging for off road.

Enormous space inside, you have to be careful about weight of goods due to the shear volume of gear / boxes that can be fitted inside, especially with seats folded. It was of immense value in shifting house.

Fantastic exterior mirrors give you great confidence in reversing and accurately placing the vehicle in a shopping center car park or on a tricky twisting track. I rarely turn to look through the vehicle out the rear window when reversing. When I do, I am amazed at the space inside.

Very nimble steering allows fluid and precise placement of the vehicle. Passengers are often amazed at how I turn, park and manoeuvre the bulk of the vehicle in confined spaces. This includes small parking spots or turning around on a track.

One of the highest ground clearance levels with good clear under body clearance allows this vehicle to walk / step over obstacles that cause other vehicles to scrape and grind. This greatly improves confidence to tackle terrain.

Marvelous stability from the large tires and constant 4 wheel drive on gravel / unmade roads allows for swift and safe voyages.

Tire size is bug on the RV /RV6 models. Hard to get other types of tires, retain overall tire diameter and not have the expense of new 7" rims. This is made harder as most tire retailers (in Australia) are focussed on sales regardless and don't seem to care much about legality, customer use, quality service. Made worse by the low wear of the standard Dunlop tires. As an example I spoke to several tire dealers who stated that 235 width tires was the maximum for 6" rims, anything greater is illegal. Yet one tyre dealer offered to put on 245 width tires and claimed it was legal, who is right?

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Review Date: 11th June, 2001

1998 Toyota Landcruiser Colorado GX 3.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


The worst car I've ever owned


Vehicle has had broken selector forks within 5,000 miles.

Clutch replaced 4 times.

Flywheel replaced twice.

Also, been in the bodyshop for corrosion on 3 occasions, now going in for a 4th time.

How do I get compensation or a replacement for this vehicle that Toyota themselves cannot sort out?

General Comments:

Don't be misled by Toyota's claims of reliability.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2000

26th Jan 2001, 22:08

As an owner of a VX version for the last 4 years, I have to say that it is the most reliable vehicle I have owned in 32 years of motoring.

The car is used offroad often as part of my business.

It has now covered 122,000 kilometers.

10th Feb 2001, 13:50

I drive a 79,000 mile 'Cruiser.

Breakages so far - 1 headlamp bulb.

It's mainly used for towing heavy trailers, off road a lot of the time. I wouldn't consider changing it except for a new one.

4 clutches? I suggest you ease up on your left foot.