23rd Jan 2007, 11:03

I have an '85 HJ60, it's done 165,000 miles. It's full of tin worm, the motor leaks oil and the engine don't stop on the key. The auto gear box misses a gear now and then and the exhaust blows. I've had the suspension replaced with Ironman shocks and heavy duty springs with a 2" lift, new shackles and poly bushes and it's runninig on 33x12.50x15 MT's. I LOVE IT! It scares the pants off other road users even trucks think twice. I was recently at a 4x4 day and we managed to go where some Land Rovers bottled it. YES! Landy drivers can be so smug, but we showed them.

I liked it so much I've now gone out and bought an LJ78 PRADO 3ltr TD as well. This can do nearly as much off road as the HJ, but can do 100+ mph on the tarmac when the turbo boost is engaged.

TLC's are the D's B's.

3rd Mar 2007, 14:15

I bought a 1987 HJ60 about five months ago for $5500.00. this model was built to N.A.T.O. specifications with the in line six diesel with a 24V electrical system. The engine was shot due to neglect, the leaf springs were destroyed and the body is typical to a Toyota of that era.

The good news is I replaced the entire suspension with an O.M.E. lift kit. I rebuilt the engine, with new clutch, p. p and replaced all the hoses and radiator.

I cannot get over how tough this little wagon is. I have driven many 4x4's mostly one ton and half ton trucks and the HJ60 is by far my favorite, it feels like I am driving a tank. My '82 Dodge 4x4 will have to wait, and she's got a 360 with 35" Mudders on her.

27th Apr 2007, 18:53

I totally understand what you are saying. I have an '85 BJ60 that I drove through winter with a busted rear leaf, no alternator, edic pump not working properly, power steering gone, fuel cut off switch damaged from moisture and I made it to spring and fixed all for under $500.00 and it runs like a top. These are tanks... best ever built!

27th Dec 2007, 13:09

I have a 1987 HJ60 (325,000 km's on odo). I love it to bits, it is slow, but powerful. In town (peak hour traffic) I get better consumption than a petrol vehicle can hope! Because of the 4speed I sometimes get frustrated on the highways as I would like to go faster, but with the engine sitting at 3100rpm I start feeling sorry for it and back off.

Off-road this thing is a beast, idles up most, loves water (he he) and thanks to Old Man Emu aftermarket suspension goes where most modern 4x4 fear to tread.

I have only had one bad failure thus far and that's the crank pulley seal. Sure, some minor things go wrong, but it is a 20 year old vehicle.

Note to perspective buyers: Upgrade the suspension the minute you buy a HJ60...stock is low and bumpy. Aftermarket is just the right ride height and gives a much more comfortable ride.

23rd Jan 2008, 20:47

I have a 5 speed 1986 HJ 60 for ~ 8 years now, turbo'd the engine 3 years ago and that realy helps for power on those hills! The engine finally started blowing to much oil at 450K Km so I just bought 2 more HJ 60's, now driving one (an automatic) while I rebuild an engine from the 3rd to put in in my number one LC, I love that truck, its been the most reliable vehicle ever and has got me in and out of every where. Even when thing do break they are made in a such a way to keep you going. And yes if you get one of these Upgrade the suspension, the seats, and if you have the cash, a turbo is real nice to have, just don't over boost the engine.

7th Mar 2008, 03:12

I just bought a 1985 HJ 60 for $5500 with rwc & reg, 360k on the clock (a fair bit I know, but these things go for at least 500k if they are looked after) and an after market turbo. It's an awesome machine. Clean in and out. The turbo makes it a dream on the highway or towing big loads up hill. Once again, HJ60. Awesome!

22nd Apr 2008, 19:10

I've driven a 1984 BJ60 3B diesel for 16 years and 300,000K. It is the most reliable, field repairable vehicle I have seen. My cruiser has been all over North America, driven thousands of miles off road, been half way up the doors in mud and over the hood in snow, run at minus 30C to plus 45C, hauled loads in excess of its GVW and it just keeps on ticking! Best vehicle possible, and I would buy another given the need.

20th Jun 2008, 07:43

I'm the original person that posted the article!! 5 years on and I've replaced the motor and gear box. Haven't taken it off road much, but feels almost unbreakable!!

Last Xmas, I had a head on smash with a car. The car had all of its windows shattered, wheels fell off... complete write off. I drove my 60 around for another month till it got repaired...

Of note also is that the Toyota's of that era were bolted together - not welded - for extra strength.

The last of the real Toyota's.

6th Jul 2008, 19:33

I have recently gotten myself a HJ60 for $1000 with a re co diesel in it. This thing is indestructible, albeit coming from someone that has bought their 1st 4wd. I have spent probably $1500 on it since I bought it, including road rego, and it just won't stop, even after having to limp home on 1 wheel stud and nut for about 120 km's.

Best 4wd ever.

3rd Aug 2008, 03:01

Hi, I just purchased an HJ 60 '81' for $3500. I thought it was a great buy, but I can't really find any info on it. Can anyone let me know if it is any good? It's a diesel wagon and it's only done 161,000 kms. One previous owner before me (an old couple). Can anyone please help me???

13th Nov 2008, 01:05

Hi we are looking at a Land Cruiser 1985 hj60.

It says it has G Pack. Can anyone help us? What does that mean, having a G Pack, can't find info on the net about it.

Is it to do with the engine, or the interior? Thanks, any help would be good.

17th Nov 2008, 00:48

I bought an HJ 60 Sahara 1985 with 210,000 km from an old lady who's husband had just passed on. It is in outstanding condition, the 2 H motor is slow but she has not let me down as yet, been through a few tight spots and steep hills and she tackles it all with ease. I am smiling.

9th Jan 2009, 16:00

I own an HJ60 Land machine. It's incredible and awesome. Let me know how to make it more powerful with a turbo charger and where to get the same?


3rd Feb 2009, 20:07

I have a HJ60 and WHAT A GREAT TRUCK. OK so it's not the fastest thing on 4 wheels, and the handling is a 6 outta 10, but I'd give that up for reliability any day! Especially for a 4wd! And that is what it is; a super reliable 4wd.

I bought mine 2nd hand with 240ks on it, I've had it 12 months and the only thing I've done is changed the oil (very important to do this and make sure it's a good quality oil!) but it hasn't missed a beat. Touch wood LOL.