13th Apr 2009, 01:16

I have 2 HJ60s; 1 with 412000km, and 1 with 657000km. They are both G-PAC 5 speeds. The pair are the best all round 4x4 and highway cars you can get.

If anyone wants to know what the G-PAC is, it's the upper model, it's got carpet not vinyl, cloth seats not vinyl, they have a lift up back door and a tail gate, not barn doors, and most had chrome wheels not slit rims. The 60 is one of the best s/h 4x4 you will buy.

20th Apr 2009, 07:53


I'm the original person who wrote the first review all of those years ago!! Still have the same truck, but had to put a new motor / gearbox in shortly after.

I have clocked up another 80,000km of trouble free motoring. No problems to report about. Still goes like a train.

Serviced every 5,000km on the dot. Oil flushed as well. Fitting a turbo in a few months. Has taken me on some great trips.

It might be slow, but it just keeps on keeping on!!



(Melbourne, Australia)

31st May 2009, 15:23

I bought my HJ 60 2 years ago, and have done the 4500 km trek to Mexico back and forth twice now. Nothing major has gone wrong, at least nothing I couldn't fix myself, and has never left me stranded while rallying the deserts in 45 degree weather searching for surf. Slow trips, but what's the hurry. Will be down in Mexico again this year. Can't get over the easiness and reliability. Dan.

1st Jun 2009, 05:35

Had my 89 model 60 series for 7 years now. Still going strong at 358000 km. Need to know what's the biggest tyres you can put on her without modifications... Also does a snorkel improve her performance or is good as it is? Keep on cruising..

Mick. Cairns, Oz

24th Jan 2010, 14:04

Hi. Just picked up my HJ 60. Hadn't been started for 3 years, 2 batteries, fired up straight sweet!!! Total tank with 5 different colours - solid as a rock, 190 000 miles, 400 uk pounds, not too rotten too. 2-3 days welding, lift kit, air lockers, re spray and drove the thing from UK to Cape Town S.A. What it was made for, and waiting to do!! All the best.

28th May 2010, 04:55

I bought my HJ60 a couple of months ago for $5750 AD. It's very clean inside and out; the only thing was the steering and suspension was a bit loose.

So I spent about 2k (fitted) on the local mechanic to supply and fit a new 2" lifted suspension kit which included all round: springs, shackles, u-bolts, shocks and bushes, also a steering damper and tie rods.

It's not an OME, but it's pretty decent kit.

Very happy with the ride now, next thing is to upgrade the headlights with a relay harness, new reflectors + lenses and some Philips +80 halogen bulbs.

This is my first 4x4 and I'm unusually fond of her (I don't normally get this way about vehicles)... itching to take her on a big trip.

12th Jun 2010, 02:58

I bought an HJ60 diesel wagon about 4 years ago. It only cost me about $3000, and was in pretty good condition.

This was the first 60 series I'd ever bought, and really only bought it to thrash the hell out of and kill it (found my mistake out there).

I have done roughly 30,000klms on and off road, through bush and rivers, with no respect at all for this vehicle, including rolling it 4 times to the bottom of a sand dune one day (luckily landing on its wheels at the bottom), done burnouts, compression lock ups, basically anything you shouldn't do in a 4x4...

After all the punishment, this vehicle was still going strong. This is about the time I learned to respect it, and fell in love with the beast.

I did very little to her other than bucket seats. Sold her 2 years later and regretted it ever since.. but I still see her, and she's going strong still. My mate reckons after 2 years it's the best car yet.

In about 3 weeks my next 60 will be here. Can't wait. One tough machine these 60's, and you can bet this one will get all the respect they deserve...

60 series all the way.

3rd Dec 2010, 18:31

Hi, I have a 1984 HJ60. It has 1.6 million kms on it, and yes that's not a typo, 1 million 600 thousand km. It has been around Australia 4 times, including Tasmania.

Gearbox replacements every 300,000km or so, and had the injectors replaced about 3 times, original diffs and 2h diesel. Never had a spanner on this vehicle other than gearboxes, springs, injectors and oil changes.

My mates ask when I'm getting a new car instead of my old banger. I don't see the point, as it has the proof on its tacho that it's been there and back, and there's nothing like a track record of proven reliability, and most of its kms are on the unsealed roads of north western NSW.

Ps. it still pokes along at 130km with ease, and uses no oil and blows no smoke. The 2h diesel designed by Mercedes, built by Hino for Toyota has to be the toughest reliable engine I've ever seen, as we have a few HJ45 and HJ47 utes; one has had 10 oil changes in 28 years, and driven everyday, and boiled countless times for hours on end during mustering season.

If they only built them the way they used to, as the HZJ75 and turbo-ed 79 series just don't take the abuse like the old 2h trucks.

4th Dec 2010, 09:18

I was wondering what tires you are using on your HJ 60 that would get you the best highway MPG?

I have an 86 with only 45,000 kms, it was sitting in a barn for 18 years!!!

19th Jul 2011, 20:03

I purchased my HJ60 Sahara 6 month ago, and called him Jack. He had been on the beach a lot, and had racked up 655000 klms. I filled up his guards with space invader foam, and fiberglassed over the holes, then painted over the repairs with a can. I then put plates on him, and filled the gas tank with used fryer oil. I have done almost 20,000 klm's already around the east coast of Australia.

The king pin bearing let go, and he still drove home.

The chip oil clogged the filter, so I punched a hole in it, and he still got home.

The clutch slave lost its oil, and I crashed the box all the way home.

Each time I rebuild his faulty parts, he drives more like a new truck. I reckon Jack is my best mate; always gets me home.

17th Feb 2012, 21:13

Hi there.

I've owned an '83 60 series for the past 8 years but just purchased an '85 Sahara, 339ks and optioned up to the max; electric windows, sunroof etc. It has a 12HT turbo also; does anybody know if this was standard on the Sahara range, or an option to the standard 2H?

This car also drives and handles much better than my old standard 2H 60, which makes me think they also have upgraded running gear...


18th Apr 2012, 20:47

Hello, I have a HJ60G, which has every extra that was available at the time (eg T bar, auto air, central locking, security coded engraving to all panels). What I am looking for is a steering wheel to suit, as mine is starting to come unstuck. If anyone can help, please ring me on 0411787033 or 0889450559

Thank you.