9th Oct 2003, 03:12

Mate I'm afraid to say something must be terribly wrong.

Destroyed clutch at 10000k's? My '88 75 series' clutch is on the way out after over 300000k's. As for the bull-bar, you can hardly blame toyota... write to the kangaroo manufacturers about that one. And mine drags cattle, big ones, no problems. not to mention I easily get into 5th with over a tonne of trailer behind, all with a 15 year old, naturally aspirated diesel. As for the sump, maybe there was a manufacturer fault. For the record: the first leak in mine started about 6 months ago, from the rear diff.

3rd Jan 2008, 20:41

In Mongolia these are considered the most reliable. Rarely can you hear such comments about cars, as there are no roads in this country.

21st Jun 2008, 18:09

Err... On planet Earth, this is the best vehicle. Wouldn't be surprised if it works on Mars too...

4th Mar 2009, 23:59

I have been around Land-Cruisers for ten years and have not heard of problems like that before. You must have got the dud from the makers. They are reliable strong robust and will pull the bum out of a camel. If I was going on a trip off-road or towing a caravan, I would use a Cruiser simply for piece of mind.

28th Jan 2010, 15:09

A clutch should last much longer than 10,000 KM (6,200 miles). Sounds to me like someone can't properly drive a manual transmission.

2nd Jun 2010, 17:46

I work in the Sahara desert as a mechanic; on the crew we have many of these trucks.

Compared to any other trucks, except maybe the Unimog, these are completely indestructible. Never would have believed it before I came here.

I have seen these trucks jumped off dunes and with minor repairs go back into to service the same day. Land Rovers and Nissans are write offs under the same conditions, frames bent and broken, body panels came off. Mitsubishi couldn't make it up the dune.

In the work shop we have the oldest model, it rattles and the panels are coming loose, and let me say it's a workhorse; I would not fear a 1000 km drive the the old thing.

The SUV model I wouldn't own, but my opinion on this pick up. WOW!!!

30th Aug 2011, 04:37

I agree, the above mentioned Landcruiser MUST have been a Land Rover. I had a Discovery II and the related trouble. Drove the car for two months - owned it for over a year.

I just love the Landcruiser!

30th Jun 2013, 03:05

Sounds to me a lot of LC owners got defensive after this comment. The bottom line is they break down just like other cars do; maybe less so than some, but they still break down sometimes.

Noticed also folks taking on Land Rover; is that because Land Rovers are more appealing to women?

Jokes aside, our Pops has used Land Rovers 1955-to date, and they have never let him down. All these years in the bush in Tanzania.

A few years back I had to walk through a lion infested 20km stretch as our friend's HJ75 broke the crack shaft pulley.

So like any car, take good care of it and drive it properly, and you will get good service in return.