17th May 2007, 08:14

I have a 1989 Toyota FJ.62 LandCruiser GX Wagon.

I purchased it in November 1993 with 56,367 km on the clock.

It has now just clocked up 227,000 km.

It has NO rust and is as sound as it was on the day I bought it.

It is a top vehicle, and no-one has enough money to try and buy it from me.

It is my daily driver.

I got 100,00 km out of the last set of tyres.

They were Uniroyal Laredo ATW 33x12.5x15's.

Unfortunately I can't get them anymore, as they were a tyre dealer import back in 1999.

I have had to settle on Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ 33x12.5x15's.

I hope I get a similar mileage out of them.

15th Aug 2008, 22:35

Hey guys, I have an 89 cruiser and I have to say besides the really bad mpg, this is the by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. I paid 2,000 for it and to be honest I did not have to pit anything into it and it would still keep running, but after a few replaced parts it runs so good. I have 263,000 miles on it with many original parts. I am so proud to drive that car. I know the world is bad and we should save on gas and energy but I love this car, I want to give it to my son.

6th Oct 2008, 18:06

Can we see a youtube of you negotiating the most awful terrain imaginable... while towing this boat?

7th Apr 2009, 12:09

I just bought the beast FJ62 89' for $1400. Have had to put $3000 into it for tires, Cooper A/T 31x10.5, bushings, bearings, headliner, undercoating, muffler etc.

But we live in Ocean City Md, and plan on Over the Sand Vehicle. Wish us luck, glad to have it though! MAN.

23rd Oct 2009, 09:47

I got an 89 and I bought it for $700 and worth every cent. I have only seen a few around here and I get lots of looks. It has 155,XXX miles and still drives like new. I plan to keep it for years to come!

15th Feb 2010, 12:00

I have an 88 FJ62. It is so beautiful to me. I bought it last fall to replace our mini-van, and because it beckoned me by name. It is wonderful.

It has a high idle, but I know it's just the throttle sensor, because it slows down when I give the throttle sensor a loving tap. So we have this understanding, you know.

Some people mock me, because they think I drive an old station wagon. I look on them with pity, chuckle softly to myself, and whisper sweet nothings to my pet beast. Then we drive into the sunset together.

7th Jul 2010, 23:30

I live in NYC, and I have a 1989 FJ62, had it for 10 years. I also have a 94 BMW 530i in mint condition, but I'd rather drive my FJ62. It has an ARB front bumper, OME suspension, Caymar rear bumper with swing away carrier and a safari roof rack.

My wife hates getting in the FJ62, but in the winter, she has no complaints when everyone else is stuck in the snow, and we are heading out to the movies.

Unless you are the owner of a Landcruiser, it's hard to understand the love you have for this SUV. When my daughter comes in to visit from out of town, I give her the BMW, not my cruiser. My wife doesn't get it!

16th Dec 2010, 23:14

I just bought a 98 wagon. They just simply have charm.

The trans shifts a little rough. If I pay attention, I keep it shifting alright.

I looked at the inner side of the left front wheel today, and I'm not sure yet if I'm supposed to be seeing the big ball in the socket. It has about a 1/4" of caked black grease around the perimeter.

It's my daily driver now. I want to know what the typical problem there would be, gather parts, and knock out the job promptly to be back on the road.


16th Apr 2011, 10:26

It is the steering knuckle, it supposed to be like that. Should have lithium based grease in there though...

27th Feb 2015, 21:54

Hi, do you still have your vehicle? I am looking to buy one for the first time. Thanks.