30th Sep 2006, 06:04

Hi friend, do you know how to solve the problem?

-The difficulty of starting after the engine extreme warmed.

-A few second annoying knocking sound after engine start, when engine is cool, is it timing chain or gear box problem...

Any one can help... Thanks.

12th Nov 2006, 18:16

Lite ace and other old cars.

If you have a problem with starting with a warm engine, check your ignition coil. We used to cover it with a wet rug (only during the cooling period then remove the rug), starting becomes easier. Best would be to change the coil.

4th Dec 2006, 11:56

Regarding using a rubber gasket to seal the leaking radiator cap; This will reduce the force on the spring loaded pressure cap. thus reducing the boiling pressure of the coolant. This will ultimately result in higher running temperatures, coolant loss, and boiling over. If you want to stick with the rubber seal, use a higher pressure rated cap...

8th Feb 2009, 08:18

I just about to buy a Toyota LiteAce, but I don't know if I should or not now after reading your comments. I'm so confused now what to do. It's a 96 model M reg. My friend told me to get it, but now after reading what you all put, I don't know what to do. If someone will help me, what should I do?

1st Apr 2009, 21:09

I have a model 95 Lite ace with 5K petrol engine. I experienced the same problem before when I got it in 2004.

For hard starting engine, the usual problem is the ignition coil. Have it checked and or replaced with original stock from Toyota or any nippon-denso brand. Most often we don't see the cracks or leaks of the cooling oil until one day the engine will not start when hot.

As to overheating, the usual problem is the head gasket. This usually happens when you are losing coolant, even if there are no leaks in the system. You can check this by opening your radiator cap then start your engine. If in a few minutes and when you rev up your engine, you would see coolant gushing out of the water filling hole on top of the engine, the most likely problem is a leak in your engine head. Have it replaced by a good mechanic who uses only good quality head gaskets. Do not scrimp on this part, the gasket cost less than paying the mechanic.

2nd Oct 2009, 15:34

I have been running a 1991 2.0L diesel Liteace now for five years and it is probably the best car I have had in terms of flexibility, reliability and also fun to drive. Turning round in almost smaller space than any other car. I have watched the experience of other owners in the UK and can see that over heating is a common problem. If you have this problem you should get the vehicle tested to make sure that the cylinder head is not cracked or porous, because if it is then changing the head gasket will be a waste of your time and money.