2001 Toyota Mark II Beams 2000 2.3 petrol from Zimbabwe


Stressing me


At first my car was performing very well at 11km per litre in major highways and around 7km per litre in bad local roads. I changed the D4pump after it mixed oil and petrol and it was still doing well.

However, at around 209 000 mileage my car began to behave funny especially when starting it. It will take several kicks before turning the engine on, and with the help of tapping my foot on the accelerator.

Recently my car blew high pressure pump inside the tank and I replaced it with a new one. I changed my plugs, fuel and oil pumps.

Now my problem is that my car is failing to start while connecting the fuel pump. For the engine to start, I have to disconnect the fuel pump and then connect it after it start. I once put it on a diagnostic machine and produced the error: P1667 TCV Circuit. The auto mechanic tried to troubleshoot the problem using the diagnostic machine, but it's still persisting. What can I do? And what is the real problem with my car?

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2016

2001 Toyota Mark II Sedan 2.0 from Zimbabwe


One toy any man can't afford to live without


The gears produce a funny sound as you put more power through them.

General Comments:

Beautiful Boeing 707 of the road.

The take off is just one of a kind. The car has all the comfort one could ever want. Very spacious interior.

Fastness guaranteed. After driving one such as this, you don't wanna get into any other car.

Fuel consumption is quite normal; very economic. My 2.0 enables me to drive to work, do errands and get back home without any worries on my pocket.

I don't know about some, but for me the Mark 2 Grande is best the car Toyota ever made.

My only concern is the need for an English manual. It would help us understand the car more, not entirely rely on experience only, but get the understanding from the manufacturer themselves.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2014

1997 Toyota Mark II Regalia 2.0 petrol from Zimbabwe


It's a mean machine


The windows let in air and the noise is irritating.

General Comments:

I bought this car second hand after I had a Toyota Carina for about a year. I am loving this car; it has great power on take off and acceleration after slowing down a bit, which is super when overtaking.

I have pushed this car to the limit, and I can confidently say I accelerated to over 180km/hr on a flat road; the speedometer went beyond 180km/hr and it kept on accelerating.

May someone please assist me with the manual (English) as it came with no manual, you can email it to tomtinashe@gmail.com


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Review Date: 22nd February, 2011

1999 Toyota Mark II Grande 3.0 G 3.0 I-6 2JZ-GE from Australia and New Zealand


Flawless Japanese engineering


Front TEMS (Toyota Electronically Modulated Suspension) shock absorbers wore out..

Aside from that... NOTHING.

General Comments:

This car is really comfortable. The build quality is at par or even better than most European cars. Too bad it wasn't available with leather seats.

Also, The fuel economy is excellent for what it is. I did 390.2 kms with 32.0 Litres of 95 Octane fuel (calculated) from Ohakune to Auckland with a fully loaded car (snowboard, bags, etc + 4 passengers).

It's got all the luxury bits to make long drives an ease.

It's just a breath of fresh air every time I drive this. (I do have a Chaser Tourer V and a 79 Datsun Fairlady)

If ever I have to get rid of all of my cars, this one is the last one to go.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2010

23rd Jan 2011, 14:33

I have just ordered for a Toyota Mark II GF-GX100 1999. Can you advise me on its performance, especially fuel economy? My email is irkiyimba@yahoo.co.uk

28th Aug 2015, 08:12

Yep! The car is so good, you just buy and enjoy it. Hahahaha, wow, the Grande Mark 2 is the best!!!

2003 Toyota Mark II Grande 2.0 from Pakistan


This is a great and comfortable car


The engine has started to rev, and they go up and down at random.

I also need to find English translation for the LCD, I would really appreciate it if someone could email it to me. Thanks a lot.



General Comments:

The car is very smooth and quick.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2009