1996 Toyota Mark II Grande G 3.0 petrol from Uganda


A great car and I highly recommend it


Alternator fault - High beams wouldn't function due to low charge.

Faulty rear door (driver side) - won't unlock centrally.

ABS fault.

TRC (traction control) fault.

General Comments:

Generally a refined, reliable, affordable and competent car.

This car is 'fully loaded' and well specified including the following;

Side-mirror heaters!

Front windscreen heater elements!

Electric drivers seat adjustment

Switchable traction control


Premium sound system with sub woofer (OEM)

Rear intermittent wash-wiper

Alloy wheels

Climate control

Cruise control etc.

Despite the faults listed above - of which only the first one was critical - the ownership experience has been pain free and pleasant.

The ABS and TRC faults can easily be sorted out with a re-set of the ECU (Electronic Control Unit)

The 2JZ-GE (normally aspirated) engine is smooth, refined, powerful and sounds great when you get above 3500rpm. At which point it pulls like a train, and has plenty of power for passing other cars.

However, beware that driven like that for long periods the fuel consumption of this car can be SHOCKING! Driven smoothly and below 2500rpm it returns more than adequate performance and consumption figures.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2008

4th Jan 2016, 10:06

It's a good car, however great attention is needed on the suspension, including its ball joints.

1993 Toyota Mark II Tourer V 2.5L Twin turbo from Japan


In one sentence, if you see one of these and you like fast sleeper cars, buy it quick!


The only thing that has gone wrong with this car so far, is an exhaust leak (at the front of the car) due to rusty bolts. But really this is an amazing car, especially for the price.

General Comments:

The interior of this car is nothing special by any means. This is probably the worst thing about this car.

On the outside the car looks great; sort of a family car almost, which makes this car ideal for people like me who love sleeper cars.

This Mark II is unbelievably fast. Never would have thought I would be in a four door sedan holding on for dear life with my head stuck to the seat.

It is also easily upgradeable; with the few upgrades I have done (ie: exhaust, pipes, intercooler, and tires) 350hp is easily obtainable.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2008

2004 Toyota Mark II Grande 3.0 from Trinidad and Tobago


The car is wonderful


Brakes haves been making a knocking sound when pumped.

Rear windshield has been broken and I cannot find a replacement.

General Comments:

It work like a dream. But since the rear windshield has been broken, I have not driven the car since then. I have been trying to get the windshield for about six months, but it was no use. The company does not stock it, and when I ordered it in, they misplaced it and they told me because of high risks, they cannot bring it in for me.

Can anyone help me to locate a windshield for my car I am in need . Please assist me in any way. You can email me at grbautoimports@gmail.com with any information.

Thank you.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2008

9th May 2012, 14:36

Hi All.

I recently bought a 2002 2L engine Mark II, which gives me 7-8km per lt driving in traffic.

I have always wanted to know what would be the correct consumption, because I think it consumes a little too much.

My next question is what would be the recommended tyre size? I currently have 205 16515.

Anyone of you who can also send me a manual, please do: alphredd2002@yahoo.com (English Version)


1997 Toyota Mark II GLX 2.5L gasoline from Suriname




The headlamps are not bright enough. I have had to change the bulbs. Very weak light.

General Comments:

Very good car.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2006

11th Sep 2006, 01:32


Hi, I have MARK II, JZX 100 Automatic, 1996, I Lost the Catalogue of that car, Please if you can help me sending me if you have.

2003 Toyota Mark II Toyota Grande 2.0 from Singapore


As this is a new Car bought on 14/12/04, nothing have gone wrong so far.

General Comments:

This is a parallel import car from Japan which makes it a JDM in Singapore.

This car comes with a 2.0 liter I6 DOHC 24V VVT-I Toyota engine which is the same as the Lexus IS200 engine i. e 1G FE BEAMS 2000 engine. Engine rates at 160ps @6200rpm with torque of 20.4kg/m @ 4400 rpm.

The auto transmission is very smooth with good power delivery across the rpm range.

Given the strong reputation on reliability from Toyota, am looking forward to some some trouble free years of driving pleasure.

Would appreciate it if anyone who has bought this model could please provide me with more information eg. 0-60 timing etc.. noting that the given description is in Japanese.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2004

15th Sep 2005, 04:57

I agree the MARK II Grande is a great buy. I just bought the exact car as yours only 2 weeks back. I haven't tried the 0-60 myself, but I have read on some sites that state the 0-60 is approx 8.8 seconds, not sure though.

One problem that I am facing with the car is its screen display is in Japanese and I can't read any thing on it except the a/c control. Is there anyone who can guide me on how to convert the Japanese software with English?