2005 Toyota Matrix from North America


Good car! Bad computer!


Engine will turn over repeatedly, but will not start. Called insurance co. for towing to local dealership. Dealer called following day, stated that the computer needed replacing, not normally covered by extended warranty. Stated Toyota would cover it anyway. Also stated it needed new drive belt. They had to order the computer, but we were able to pick up the following day. I opted to change the drive belt myself, as I was an ASE certified auto mechanic for 20 years. Car runs great, belt truly needed replacing!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2009

12th Jul 2011, 19:40

How many miles did you have on your car when this happened?

2005 Toyota Matrix XR 1.8 Gasoline from North America


Not a bad car, not a great car either.


Toyota brand hubcaps keep falling off. We have replaced at least 3 of them and they are expensive. We went with a cheap knock off brand and they work fine.

The windshield chips very easily. So does the paint on the front bumper.

The rubber moldings on the door have had to be replaced due to horrible wind noise. The dealer said this has been a common problem with some Matrix models.

General Comments:

We recently traded this car for a Saab 9-3 because this Matrix did not have traction control and without it was pretty scary in the snow/ice. The car is very unsure of itself with ice and snow.

The car has a TON of room and with the seats folded down rivals most small to mid-size SUVs.

This is not a car for a long trip. We drove it on a 2000 mile road-trip and while the headroom is very good, the legroom is bad for someone 6 feet and over, and the seats are not supportive. I had to fold my legs into the legroom area to make myself fit as I am 6 foot 2.

The engine makes a lot of noise and vibrates the car a lot. We drove the car up through the Rocky Mountains and the poor car was in the upper RPM range for a few hours and was not a happy camper. Even in regular town driving here in the Midwest, the car's engine and transmission felt cheap.

0-60 times were not good and the passing ability of this car was not good either. The engine used to sound very winded as it tried to pass another car. The brakes were decent.

The stereo was decent and the interior was just okay. It looks like they tried to go too "futuristic" and it didn't work too well.

My wife liked the styling, I never particularly did. I used to call it "The Dustbuster" because I found the styling pretty boring and derivative, and it was shaped like a Dustbuster. Then again, Toyota isn't known for cutting-edge styling.

All in all, we don't miss the car, yet we didn't hate the car either. It was pretty basic transportation. It was pretty reliable and never let us down. It just lets you down in the passion department.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2008

2005 Toyota Matrix XR 1.8 from North America


A practical, hip, fuel efficient car with great cargo capacity


Leak from a hose above the clutch required the whole clutch to be replaced (under warranty).

Driver's side strut (not under warranty).

Rubber seal around passenger door coming loose.

Occasionally hesitant to start promptly (needs a few seconds instead of one).

General Comments:

The most practical car I can think of despite a few shortfalls. Excellent cargo capacity with the seats folded down.

The plastic on the back of the seats makes the whole trunk area easy to maintain and clean. It holds a ton of stuff.

Excellent fuel economy, and there is a lot of room for passengers.

The dash is surprisingly hip for a Toyota product, and with the 17 inch rims, I think it looks good and have received compliments, surprisingly enough.

The main downfall is the lack of power. Get used to using third gear if you plan to accelerate on the highway or a steep hill. Perhaps this is the price of good fuel economy?

To be honest, I want to get a new car, but I can't think of another vehicle which can meet all my needs as well, plus is able to haul anything from trees to a 32 inch TV.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2008