6th Jan 2005, 06:57

All those awards were before the introduction of the MR2, the Honda S2000, and the not so great BMW Z3 and Z4. and therefore if there are no competitors in the class, they are bound to win everything. Currently in the class there is only one car with the engine in the middle as all true sports cars have, and that is the MR2. The MR2 also has a glass back window with de misters, not flimsy plastic. The top can be raised or lowered whilst in the car, as there are no zips, poppers, velcro. In short the MR2 is what the MX-5 should have evolved into, but it always retained the same faults and flaws, such as the engine being in the wrong place.

7th Jan 2005, 04:54

Er, not exactly. It won Autocar's best handling car award in 2003!

8th Jan 2005, 12:29

Re: Comment of 6th Jan:

The MX-5 has had a "proper" heated glass rear window for about the last 7 years. The top can also be raised or lowered in the car as it only has two catches to undo to lower it, and a handle on its leading edge which is accessible from either seat to raise it. Only the tonneau cover uses poppers, and the use of that is strictly optional as it is just for aesthetic purposes. Nobody bothers.

As for your comment about evolution, why should the MX-5 have "evolved" into a mid engined car? It was designed as a front engined, rear wheel drive car, a layout that, despite offering less performance on a track, many experts argue is the best for road use. Look up some road tests for the Porsche 968 Club Sport, Caterham 7, Ferrari 550 Maranello or the original Lotus Elan to find out what a "flaw" front engined layout is in terms of handling. Oh, try the E30 BMW M3 as well.

10th Jan 2005, 04:13

The Honda S2000 is quite slow unless the revs are kept above 6000 all the time, which is tiresome after a while. It has little low and mid range torque, I was very surprised and disappointed by this. The S2000 is still a great car however and excellent for those that drive them properly, however very few owners drive them properly and don't understand that to get the performance, the engine needs to be worked hard constantly.

Whether the MX-5 deserves it's 'hairdresser' reputation is totally irrelivent it has it! it has had it for years! and it's not changing. The looks are also dated, and as for the MG TF well, the less said about that - the better.

19th Jan 2005, 11:13

At £26,000, the S2000 should be a better car than the MX-5, MR2, MG-F et al when you consider it's getting on for £10,000 more expensive!

If you're going to make comparisons, at least do it on a like for like basis.

21st Jan 2005, 12:03

Help me out guys. I have wanted an affordable rear wheel two seater for a while now and have considered the main 3. I think I have sold myself on the mr2 mainly for the looks as I have never driven any one of them. I only have up to 10k to spend and see that they start at £7500. what should I be careful of? is 75000 miles a problem with a decent service history? is a 2000 model OK or is there a difference with a later one? any help please, you all seem to know what your talking about. cheers.

1st Apr 2005, 16:36


I just bought an MR2 Spyder about 2 months ago and absolutely love it. It is a 2000 model with only 25,000 on the clock. I paid £10,000 for it and its worth every penny.

It is very much like driving a go-cart, it really is just so much fun to drive and always leaves you wanting to just jump back in the saddle and drive off anywhere.

I recommend it to anyone, all you have to do is test drive and you will have that instant grin.

On the downside it has little storage space and one front light occasionally fogs up. But I really don't care one jot its more than worth it!!

I raced my brother over the moors, he was in his Z3 BMW and my MR2 outperformed his by miles. (he wants an MR2 now)

Drive one!!!

20th Mar 2011, 17:46


I'm assuming your brother has the slower 1.9 Z3 or maybe the mid spec. but I'm sure he didn't have the 3L V6 version.

Anyway. Great car. I've owned a 1993 twin turbo import (GTS) with the T Top which was just about the best car I've had. I currently drive a 1997 Prelude. What can I say? I love cars made in the 90s... New cars are too "smart" and computer controlled.

Just be careful with oil issue.

27th Oct 2017, 06:44

Vidal Sassoon was a hairdresser in the 30s, he used to fight with the fascists on his way to work... I point that out to people who make stupid comments about my choice of car...