20th Jun 2001, 08:24

Reply to previous comment - yes I guess you're right - I prefer quiet smooth relaxed cars - but the MR2 wasn't even fun to drive - I'm comparing it with my old Primera eGT or a mate's BMW 323.

And the dealers!!! - the one in Henley was putting my job through the computer and wanted to charge me 1 1/2 hours labour - he said 'is that the same as 1.5' That is not a personal attack or an insult - it's the truth!!!

5th Jul 2001, 04:49

Mm.. I feel sad you are so very disappointed with this car.

I am Andersen Chong from West Malaysia, Asia. I have a Toyota MR2 GTS (Turbo); this was great MR car (of course don't compare it with the Honda NSX MR ^_^).

I agree the MR2 is not easy to handle, but I love it. Not that I am an expert in driving this car. I have more than 5 accident experiences to improve my MR technique. You can't just simply drive a MR (middle engine rear wheel drive) car. It was totally different from FF & FR car.

And sport cars usually don't let you feel comfortable. Especially this car, the engine had been modified. He he. Good luck.

Interested to discuss this? Please email me, andersen@myself.com

10th Feb 2002, 12:56

Never heard such crock!

Stick to your Mondeo, sounds like it suits you!!! You bought a duff 'Friday' car. You must be right and all the other 30 people with excellent reviews on here must be wrong! Fords are terrible!!!

4th Feb 2004, 19:26

Comment for original author of this 'crock' of a review.

The facts speak for themselves - it was unreliable car.

Rear tyres designed to wear from inside out (toe setting on suspension) and 150 notes each - a joke

6000 mile service intervals - another joke.

A little observation..

Whenever I see one these old bangers on the motorway its always in the slow lane doing 65-70, because they are uncomfortable to drive any faster! while me (flogged the mondeo, got an A4 now - lovely) and all the other normal cars pass it doing 85 in lane 2, I genuinely feel sorry for the naive young men that buy them. Live and learn.

23rd Jun 2004, 11:47

85mph on a motorway is breaking the limit anyway and the amount of camera's and cops hanging about on motorways these days especially round London then I'm quite happy doing 70 odd.

Either way, like others have said, it's hardly a car designed for the motorway anyway unlike your Mondeo and A4 which are commuter designed cars and as such, boring to drive with no personality.

Again like someone else said, your obviously not a sports car person so why buy one? Your other choice of car (Mondeo, A4) are nothing like sports cars so can't really understand where your coming from.

And if you'd done a bit of research before buying an MR2 you'd know they need a service every 6000miles and you'd also know they're tyre munchers, methinks you've only got yourself to blame. Mine's done 87k and been on the road for 12 years. Full service history documents show no major work apart from the cambelt change and it runs sound as pound. Sounds like you just brought a lemon, again your own fault for not checking it out properly.

Enjoy your A4.

10th Oct 2004, 16:48

I'm also surprised by this review, could maybe understand if it was a modified imported car with no history. It must have been a real one-off as reliability is usually excellent.

Like people have said it seems like a sports car doesn't meet your needs which is fair enough. Personally I'm not into big cars like Mondeo's because they lack character and look so similar to other cars on the road. The MR2 is awkward to get used to, but it becomes a rewarding drive once you become accustomed to the mid-engine. I don't have any problems driving it at speed in the dry, it's a different matter in the wet though.

20th Nov 2004, 15:56

I just bought a mr2 1990 t top for £1500, it's an automatic, for it's age it seems to run & drive very nicely, like a new car in fact. Body work is very strong & almost perfect condition. It sounds like a brake pad might be grating, having looked at it yet, hope it's nothing to serious.

I discovered the roof leaks the other day which is a shame, seems to be a common problem - hope I can sort it out as the rain has wet through the drivers seat and floor.

Quiet a thirsty car - you need a bit a money to run this.

Still, I'm pretty chuffed with it, I think I got a good, nice looking car for the money if I can fix the roof and the brakes prob isn't to serious.

11th Apr 2005, 05:21

I have recently bought a Grey import MR2 G-Limited G -reg and love it. Having a prob with the seat belts, do not seem to be locking when you give them a good tug. Is this a common and usual thing or are they no good. If they are no good where can I buy a new set. Any advise gratefully received.


3rd Dec 2005, 00:17


I have a 1994 rev 3 GT t-bar, its clocked about 57,000m and no problems so far. I will argue that perfect car is the one that for fills the requirements of the driver. I had a Vaux Astra SXI, it was nearly new (mint even). I spent over £2000 getting the most out of it, and only two months later, I found myself doing a straight swap for the mr2! Why? Because I wanted something to challenge my driving ability, or scare the 8888 out of me!

If I really needed something to commute with or take the girlfriend out in (without scaring her stupid), I would not do it in the mr2, and I would still have + love my Astra! Basically, it’s down to preference and necessity. I find it necessary to cling to corners by my teeth as that is my preference!! Some hate it and some die for it! Trust me, I study Psychology!!

Before you buy an MR2, you must understand that, although they are reliable, they are still cars, and can fall to pieces!! If you buy this sports car you will pay for the tyres and cam belt pretty much one a year, and there are always going to be common problems! DO, YOUR, RESEARCH!!!

Unlucky to the guy that bought the bucket of bolts! That was my worst fear, but you’re not out of the woods until you sell it!

And the guy with the novelty seat bets. If you’re not already dead, change them quick!

Wow, this comment is far longer than I anticipated!

19th Dec 2005, 19:33

Hello all you commenters. This is the author of the original post speaking, the one who bought the 'bucket of bolts' - I have since flogged the A4 it was lovely - wonderful engine and build quality interior etc, but ultimately a bit boring, then had a Skoda Octavia VRS for over a year - great car - great value, very fast, totally reliable, great handling etc... - seems I do like boxy boring saloons! this weekend I pick up BMw 530 (52 plater - so old shape) Can't wait.

When I now see a mark 2 MR2 I look at it fondly and admire the (I think) stunning looks, which looking back is the main reason I bought it. 2 guys where I work run mark 3 MR2's and love them - whenever their cars come up in conversation it always switches to the total lack of boot - which they don't seem to mind - but to me that is ridiculous - a compromise too far I would choose not to live with. The point...! (there is one) seems cars like these are for enthusiasts for want of a better word who will happily live with the inherent compromises of a 2 seater/mid engine car. Whereas I, (7 cars in 10 years) must also enthusiastic about cars, but in a different way. Enjoy those MR2s!!

Cheers Tim.