1993 Toyota Paseo Alpha 1.5 gasoline from Australia and New Zealand


Undeniably the best 1 grand spent. A blessing in disguise


Broken speakers.

Warped front brake rotors.

Just regular maintenance.

General Comments:

I bought a Toyota Paseo 1993 1.5 liter gasoline engine 3 years ago for 1 grand. Everything works, which is surprising for the age of the car.

Not a very fast car in a straight line, but will surprise drivers with bigger cars in the corners. I have beaten a 600cc bike with this car once, not because of this car, but because the bike rider was a newbie I suppose. I know the bike rider anyway. He ended selling his bike not long after that, not a very happy rider LOL.

The engine displacement is very similar to a Toyota Starlet, except this one has a coupe body.

This is my favorite of all the cars I had before. Cheap on parts, rego and insurance, great on fuel, plus nothing much has gone wrong so far.

The parts that I changed in this car were changed because of personal choice, not because it failed or broke down.

It's fast enough to get you into trouble if you drive like an idiot. You will not win in this car in a straight line. If you have this car, this vehicle shines more in the corners than anywhere else.

Regular maintenance is all I did with this car (e.g. change oil and spark plugs). Bought this car with 280,000km on the odometer; 333,000km and it's still going strong. I wish this car would live forever.

This is one of the best cheap cars I've had so far. I had a 325i BMW and a Mercedes Benz C200 (which is not really cheap) before this little Toyota. Handling wise, the Paseo will come close to Beemers and Mercs. Don't expect too much on engine power and ride comfort; your tears might turn into blood if you do that.

Believe it or not, this Paseo has a bit of oversteer given the fact that this is a front wheel drive and the rear suspension is not fully independent. Rear suspension looks like a straight steel frame, nothing too flash. This car was designed as a real coupe, it is just a guess from me, judging by the way this car handles.

I still have the Merc by the way. I can service a Paseo 3x for 1x the cost of servicing the Mercedes if that counts in terms of economy.

If Toyota builds another Paseo, I will buy it in a heartbeat. This Paseo will train you to become a good driver. Have fun. Take care. Good luck. Don't crash.

P.S. Get a manual transmission. Make sure the revs go beyond 5,000 before shifting. After that your heart and mind will become one, and you will realize how happy you are to have a car like this.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2015

1993 Toyota Paseo 1.5L from Australia and New Zealand


Good for a first car


I owned this car for 2 days, took it into the mechanic and was told the block would need replacing.

A week later the mechanic called and said as a result of the sellers mucking around with the engine, the engine would need to be replaced. This along with a new power steering pump cost me $2000.

Had the boot rack replaced at 135000kms.

General Comments:

If I hadn't of picked a dud, I think I would have really liked this car.

It was great for me while I was at Uni, and used 3/4 a tank of fuel to get from Newcastle to Canberra.

Used a lot of oil, we never discovered why.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2009

7th Jul 2015, 11:49

Mine does eat oil as well, especially on long drives. Just check it once a week, and top it up if needed. As long as the engine gets power on high revs and does not cough, I would say it is normal for this engine type. Apart from being a used old engine.