1982 Toyota Pickup Delux Longbed 2WD 22R from North America


Typical Toyota longevity


I owned it for about a year and replace no parts.

It leaked oil out of the front seal but I never bothered to fix it.

Back brakes locked up very easily in freezing weather. Don, t know if that was a common flaw or if something was wrong with the brakes.

The biggest issue by far was the carburetor. I the truck sat idle for a few days at a time it would flood out intermittently. If it was used regularly it worked great. I tried several times to fix the overly complicated carb and gave up. This was the main reason I sold it.

General Comments:

Drove very well for having over 300,000 miles. Handled well too.

The 22R was still going strong, used very little oil and got decent mileage.

Leg room was acceptable, but the seat was a back killer. Being low slung and with a small door makes it difficult for a tall person to get in and out of easily.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2008

1982 Toyota Pickup SR5 22R from North America


The Most Reliable for the Money


The starter Decided to quit, but began working again. No problems since.

Sometimes the Charge light will come on, even though it is still charging (A Short, I Presume)

The engine drips oil, about a quart ever 2-3 months.

Would not idle when I bought it, replaced fuse, no problems since.

The High Beam Indicator Light Doesn't work.

The winshield washer fluid tank leaked when I bought it. I tried and tried to fix the problem, but it kept leaking. I ended up getting a (free) replacement out of a 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix.

General Comments:

The truck is a tough as heck. I purchased the truck (for $550) to commute to school, for which it has been very reliable. It has also proved to be an excellent work truck, hauling loads around my property. It does well on logging roads, where I take it often.

Comfort could be worked on. My seat is "broken down" and if you are under 5'4" or so, it gets very difficult to drive, especially braking. In addition, the interior is kind of cramped. The space behind the seat, is ample, and deserves mention.

The truck has no options. The radio is aftermarket, no PS, no PW, nothing. Despite this, I would still prefer the truck to any of my other/older cars on trips.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2007

1982 Toyota Pickup 22R from North America


I've never encountered anything that it couldn't handle


I received the truck when my uncle, who owned it at the time, moved to Ohio and took his other Toyota with him instead of mine. It was running rough and fouled a lot of plugs when I first had it, but after a tune-up and some road time it ran like new.

The only problem that I've had since it's been in use was the clutch fluid reservoir went bad about three years ago. That was a small price to pay for all that it has done for me over the years.

General Comments:

I was skeptical of owning a small truck, especially a foreign one, but it didn't take long to prove itself.

The truck has hauled loads that probably should have been left for larger trucks.

Although it doesn't appear to acquire a lot of miles, it is used practically every day taking me to and from work.

As mentioned by others, the top speed is only about 85 mph, but it does get there quickly. It is fun to see other people's faces when my dirty work truck beats them at the light.

The only downfalls of the truck is the very limited interior space and only having four gears.

I will never get rid of my truck and if I ever find another one, I will buy it too!

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Review Date: 11th February, 2006