1982 Toyota Pickup 2.4L SOHC (22R) from North America


This pickup has proven to be very reliable useful


Very little has gone wrong with this pickup that couldn't be considered normal maintenance due to miles and age.

The first problem it had was a sticky throttle cable which was solved by cleaning and lubrication.

The second problem that occurred was a sticky carburetor.

Problem number three is an intermittent problem in shifting.

General Comments:

This pickup has been very reliable. It has never left me stranded due to engine or other problems.

It has paid for itself many times over due to its versatility and load carry capability.

The only modification I have made was the replacement of the seat with one from a later model Toyota pickup which is more comfortable.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2004

7th Sep 2004, 18:06

Not really a comment, but a Question what happens when You press the brake and all your rear lights come on? I'm confused & can't figure this out.

11th Nov 2007, 23:45

Its the trailer light wiring. Trust me.

1982 Toyota Pickup Long Bed 2.4 litre 22R from North America


Never quits!


I had to replace the alternator and radiator at 110,000 miles.

The truck will almost never start the first time.

If you want to practice being a cowboy, this is the ride for you. The rough ride will make you think your riding a bull.

There is a lot of rust all over the bed of the pickup.

The truck is burning oil and I have to put in a quart of oil every week.

General Comments:

This long bed pickup has just enough power to do what you need to do.

It is very rare and almost impossible to find a long bed Toyota in good shape.

The bench seat is comfortable when the vehicle is not moving.

If you don't care about style, looking good or power then this is the truck for you.

Very reliable.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2002

1982 Toyota Pickup Shortbed 22R from North America


Uncomfortable, but EXTREMELY reliable


Pretty much nothing considering I've owned it for eighteen years... mostly normal things like oil changes and new tires, etc.

Once someone tried to steal it, and broke the rear window and jammed a screwdriver in the ignition. It costed about $500 USD to repair.

General Comments:

Extremely reliable. If I didn't care about being warm in the winter, cool in the summer, looking good, or being comfortable, it would be the best car on Earth...

It's paid for itself about seven times now. I would definitely buy Toyota again.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2001