1987 Toyota Pickup Shortbed 22R from North America


Excellent all-around truck


1. The bed had moderate rust damage (very common for the year) I could not find a used bed to replace it, so I bought some scrap sheet metal from a junkyard and the body-shop did the work for free.

2. Bearings in the engine were shot at 114,613 miles (very uncommon for the type of motor),I had three repair options: A. Buy new bearings for around $56 dollars and do the work myself. B. Buy a working used motor for around $900 to replace the old one. C. Have it refurbished for approximately $2,300. I was lucky enough to find a used 22R engine at a junkyard that was in perfect running condition, and ended up paying only $700 for it. Since then, I have had no mechanical problems at all.

General Comments:

Very good handling.

Comfortable bench seat.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2005

10th Nov 2006, 17:52

How do you get a body shop to do work for free?

1987 Toyota Pickup SR5 22RE from North America


Worst Rating possible except for maybe Fiat


I filled out a form before detailing everything that went wrong with this truck, but it was never posted. Apparently Toyota pays them not to post negative reviews.

General Comments:

A trouble free car is what I want most. Toyota falls way short in this category as this vehicle never went more than a year without some kind of problem right from brand new. Way too many problems to mention in this space and this post probably won't be listed anyway (in bed with Toyota just look at the other reviews)

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Review Date: 14th November, 2005

28th Dec 2007, 01:00

The truck is 20+ years old and has probably had a LOT of owners in its lifetime so you its expected to be a money pit. In general though, besides the truck's love affair with rust, they are extremely reliable trucks. The 22re is a legendary motor for a reason.

1987 Toyota Pickup 2wd 2.4L 2.4 cc 22R from North America


This has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever had


I have had to replace the clutch, starter, radiator, and water pump twice. It has been a wonderfully running vehicle, but the body is rusting out. Seat is wearing badly. Carburetor is now giving me problems.

It is still running like a charm.

General Comments:

The pick up has been so reliable that I have recommended Toyota pickups to a lot of my friends.

The body will rust totally out and fall apart and the motor will keep on down the road.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2005

4th Jul 2012, 18:22

I've had an 87 Toyota pickup, 22r, since new. It now has 260,000+ miles. In 25 years I've replaced one starter and one clutch. However, recently the head gasket failed, so I am rebuilding. This truck owes me nothing. It's been so good I can't imagine not having it. I would buy another, but I don't need it, this thing will outlive me.

1987 Toyota Pickup 22R gas from North America


The Best Vehicle I have Ever Owned


I had to replace the differential oil pinion gasket (not hard when done right).

I replaced the spark plug wires in an effort to try to get better gas mileage at my mechanic's suggestion.

It had the rusted bed that all Toyota pickups had in the late 80s.

The outside air diverter gate fell off inside the air duct system, but I was able to put it back on with a screw and it worked from then on (Hint: only take off the fan from the bottom with the 3 screws).

This truck was ultra-reliable!

General Comments:

This was an awesome truck--the best vehicle I've ever owned. It was completely reliable even at 210,000 miles!

It was fun to drive! I even could load my 300lb motorcycle in the back (even with the short bed). It slowed down a little on hills because all it had was a 2.2 liter engine, but that was just because I wasn't pushing it too hard.

I have no complaints about this truck and my only regret is that I sold it. I have seen these trucks with over 300k miles on the odometer and I believe it!

It was really easy to maintain--it required a relatively few simple tools to fix most things.

The Toyota dealership treated me well with no deference to the fact that my truck was 16 years old.

I would not hesitate to buy one of these trucks, I only wish they got better gas mileage. The only reason I sold it was because I was given a 1994 Dodge Ram and the Toyota wouldn't be quite as safe in a wreck.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2005

29th Nov 2008, 18:17

The rust problem in the bed was due to the walls' two-piece construction; water, dirt, and salt would collect in the seams, and the bed would rust. Trucks in California and other dry areas rarely, if ever, suffer from this problem.

I had a 1992, and also got excellent treatment from the dealer despite the truck's age. It was totaled in June of 2007 with over 375,000 miles on it.

30th Sep 2010, 14:00

My 1987 Toyota Pickup truck just turned 427,000 miles; I had the original engine rebuilt at 323,000 miles. I bought the truck used when it had 80,000 miles. Had I not had a 1973 Celica that I put on 340,000 miles, I would have never bought the truck. It has been a great truck, and my goal now is to hit the 500,000 mile mark.

Believe or not, I have had two offers to sell the truck, but right now it is not for sale!

1st Jun 2013, 18:22

I bought a 1987 pickup new, and have been driving it ever since. I've had a few minor problems, but mostly just the everyday things; tires etc.

Right now it only has 60,000 miles on it, and I have had several offers to buy it... As of right now I will continue to drive until it will no longer go.

What I don't like is there's just not enough room, but I can deal with that.

It's truly been a great truck with few problems... Love it.