1990 Toyota Pickup short bed reg. cab 22-R from North America


Great relible Truck for many years to come


Had to replace radiator at 210,000.

Parking Brake stuck, had to be unstuck by a mechanic.

The paint of the top part of The "T" From TOYOTA on the tailgate fell off.

General Comments:

I love this truck. It's got 212,087 miles on it, and still starts and runs without skipping a beat. It has responsive : steering, brakes, gas pedal, shocks. It was used pretty hard as a work truck in '04, so it can't really be drivin over 65-70 MPH, But that is still fast enough to drive on U. S Highways. One of My favorite things about this truck, I LOVE the sound of a Toyota Truck Motor running.

This Truck also gets SUPERB Gas mileage. about 22 miles a gallon. I will use this truck, until it becomes so old, and so broken down, that it will be cheaper to buy a new one.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2005

1990 Toyota Pickup SR5 Extended Cab 2.4 four cylinder from North America


Toyota is peace of mind!


Replaced spark plugs, distributor cap, and spark plug wires.

Replaced transmission fluid.

Replaced front brake pads.

Re-set idle adjustment screw.

General Comments:

I was lucky enough to purchase this low mileage truck from a man who was stricken by severe arthritis in his shoulders, shortly after he purchased the truck... in 1996. Truck does not have power steering, so he drove it only once or twice a month, then finally decided to sell it. All repairs listed are due to the truck sitting for a long time without regular use.

Have driven since November 2004 with no issues - several 3 or 4 hour trips.

A little underpowered for hilly driving with the automatic.

Gas mileage is about 20 - 22 mpg around town and 27 - 28 mpg on the highway. You could probably get 30 - 31 mpg on the highway with cruise control if you do the speed limit and live in a relatively flat area.

The automatic with overdrive transmission in this model has a quirk (I was told by a mechanic). The OD will not engage until transmission fluid reaches 250 degrees or so. This means in the wintertime, you will be running higher revs than normal for at least 8 or 10 minutes until the fluid warms up and the overdrive engages. A little irritating - a trans fluid heater would have been a nice standard feature.

This is my third Toyota, and I expect no major problems for at least the next 150,000. I do oil changes at 3000 - 3,500 mile intervals, change filters at recommended intervals, and ALWAYS replace the timing belt at the recommended interval - probably the most important thing you can do for a 4-cylinder vehicle.

May replace with a use Camry or Camry Wagon in the next year for space reasons - I have a baby on the way - but it's a great truck.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2005

1990 Toyota Pickup 4x4 deluxe 22RE from North America


I will keep this truck until the frame breaks in half


The main problem was rust on the body, especially around the fenders. I just put on all new fenders and painted it, and it looks brand new.

Also because of rust, the gas tank had to be replaced. As did the parking brake to pass NY inspection.

Transmission must have been beat pretty hard because it grinds a lot into 2nd and 3rd. I suppose it will eventually need to be rebuilt/replaced.

A few stupid things like a loose ground that caused the temp gauge to read all the way pegged on hot.

General Comments:

This is my 2nd vehicle. I have always wanted a truck and living in the hills in upstate NY, 4x4 is a must for winter driving in snow, or springtime driving in mud. Toyota was the obvious choice. I happened across a 90 reg cab 4x4 and despite some body cancer, it has absolutely NO frame rust. To make it even better, I bought it with only 106000 miles on it, and the prev. owner had just replaced the timing chain.

I have had it almost 2 years and it has never done me any harm. Although I have gotten it stuck, backed it into our tractor, and broke the passenger side window. Now that it is repainted it looks like a million bucks and turns heads wherever I go. It is not comfortable, or roomy, but that is not what it is meant to be.

The 22RE is an absolutely great engine as long as you don't ask it to accelerate quickly. It simply will not keep up with traffic accelerating from a stop sign especially if you are going up a hill.

If you are looking to buy one keep an eye out for extended cabs. My next one will definaltly be an xtra cab. If you are riding with a passenger and you each have a piece of luggage the xtra cab must be a Godsend.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2004

12th Oct 2008, 00:14

Yeah they are really great long lasting trucks, have an 89 for about 6 years now. And I am also having to deal with rust, mainly right below the two doors on the body. My 22RE accelerates great and keeps up with traffic no matter where it is, all I have on it is an after market exhaust system and K&N Intake System.