2008 Toyota Prado VX Limited 4.0 V6 from Oman


Absolutly adore this car and would never give it up. Best I've had


Nothing major; all routine service items as the car was not properly taken care of. I bought it cheaper than its market price for 1200$ less, but the previous owner chose cheap ways to maintain this monster, thus I had to do proper servicing and replace all the consumables.

General Comments:

I love this car. It's very comfortable over any terrain, and my family loves going on trips in it as it holds 8 members. Very cheap running costs and til today it drives like new and better than many newer cars.

I live in a hot place and this car's A/C is cold; it has A/C vents all over the car from the top to the bottom, and from front to back.

It is very fun to drive on gravel roads, and the 4x4 system will make it climb the toughest places. I am surrounded by mountains and never has this car let me down.

The only thing I would've wished was better is the sound system. It has 4 speakers and 2 tweeters from JBL; it is OK, but nothing amazing.

I highly recommend this car; I never liked 4x4s as I saw them as bulky and high in fuel consumption, but this car is a different story. It drives well and feels like a really comfortable saloon car. It picks up decently and the engine has a nice roar to it. I bought a 2016 LEXUS ES350 for my wife as her daily car, but she was scared to drive it in traffic and she didn't like the seating position, so she said she will drive the Prado until she gets used to the LEXUS... Guess what??

I am still driving the LEXUS to work til now. She loves the Prado and she doesn't want to drive her LEXUS to work any more.

I am writing this to tell anyone who doubts the Prado, please drive it first then decide. Don't be like my wife, she hated big cars but says the Prado is a different story...

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2016