2007 Toyota Prado GXL 4.0 litre V6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent off road, tough and comfortable, but a high fuel consumption


Rear drive shaft universal joint yoke flogged out.

Rack end ball joint worn.

Serpentine belt idler failed (after hosing the engine).

General Comments:

By far the best vehicle I've ever driven on rough roads and steep tracks.

Plenty of power for overtaking on the open road.

Tough. Comfortable. Well designed and built.

High fuel consumption (typically 14 l/100km), but I suppose that's what you get from a large, heavy petrol 4WD.

Steering at highway speeds is less precise than I'd like. It has a slight tendency to wander, so more frequent minor corrections are necessary than is the case for many other vehicles.

It has two completely unnecessary ancillary equipment faults/stupidities which Toyota should never have let past.

- The satnav destination (and some other things) can not be changed while the vehicle is moving. The satnav is frequently slow to respond to user input, and intermittently freezes up for minutes at a time. To set the destination as a city centre (rather than a street address) is ridiculously complicated. These faults (features?) mean the satnav is pretty much useless, so we carry and use a cheapo Chinese unit instead.

- The cruise control is the worst we've had in any car (including a 1988 Jaguar!), in that at highway speeds it causes the auto to change frequently up and down on even slight changes in incline. This is so pronounced that on some roads we just don't use it as we don't want to wear out the auto unnecessarily.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2015

20th Feb 2016, 10:21

I agree with the comments re cruise control. I don't bother using it.

We have the 2005 4L petrol.

Otherwise a solid reliable wagon. Ours now has 140000 km on it; have had it since 40000 and nothing major has gone wrong.

Don't think the interior plastics are quite up to usual Toyota standards, but our kids give it a hard life, hence some breakages. Also it's very expensive to replace some interior parts, so just have to live with breakages.

1997 Toyota Prado GX 2.8 diesel from Fiji Islands


One of the best SUVs around, the LJ95 Prado 2.8 diesel..


Rear axle broke - cheap fix, as Toyota parts are readily available.

Stereo - Factory stereo died out, so I purchased an Alpine USB unit.

Injector nozzles changed at 100,000km interval.

Timing belt, seals and water pump changed at 100,000km (part of maintenance schedule for the vehicle).

General Comments:

I was at first hesitant to buy a clunky and noisy underpowered variant of the Prado, having owned a powerful TX variant a few years before purchasing this vehicle. However I am glad I made the purchase, as the vehicle has never let me down in any situation.

Fuel economy may be second to none for a vehicle its size. The vehicle has 2 diesel tanks, switchable with a switch from inside the cabin.

Though the gear ratios are close, and the vehicle tops out at around 135km/ph at maximum revs on 5th gear, the point to be noted is that it was never meant for speed in the first place.

On the flats, the 2.8 normal aspirated diesel runs pretty well, and it's capable enough to bully the 2.5 turbo diesel Hyundai Terracan, but going uphill, don't expect to overtake anything all of a sudden.

The suspension on the vehicle is very tough. I still have all the factory bushings, ball joints and springs in place... Changed the shock absorbers as the rear ones had leaked oil.. Seeing the amount of potholes we have here in Fiji, I am very very pleased at how the car has held up.

The interior is built solid with no nonsense electronics, the sunroof is a pretty good addition to the vehicle... the seats have all held up, and there is no sign of wear anywhere, despite me being over 100kg...

I have driven the car to my heart's content, and since I cannot part ways with it, I guess now a turbo has to be bolted on and a boost compensator fitted to the fuel pump.

Overall, this is one of the best vehicles if you are after a good, reliable and economical SUV for our pathetic Fiji roads...

If I can get a brand new LJ95 Prado, I would buy it in a heartbeat... and yes it will still have to be a manual transmission, but probably this time a 10 seater unit with normal winder windows, and I would keep my current GX with electric windows and 7 seater capacity as my prestige ride, even though it's not a prestige, but a rough ride...

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Review Date: 21st August, 2011

16th Aug 2014, 19:48

Good buy mate.

I own a similar spec LJ95. What I was wondering, any idea what gearbox comes with it? Is it an R150F ?