2007 Toyota Prado TX 2.7 petrol from Singapore


Smaller Land Cruiser, bigger practicality. 100% reliable


Nothing. Zero.

We have had it 12 months. I have resprayed the back bumper twice for minor scrapes.

Total reliability.

Driver's leather seat squab is looking worn.

General Comments:

So much more refined than our Toyota Fortuner 2007 and our 1989 Mercedes G-Wagon. Light years more civility and practicality than my 2004 Land Rover Defender 110.

You need big powerful cars for the cut and thrust of Singapore city traffic. The Prado (AKA wife's Prada) gets us there.

2700cc is enough since we can not tow in our city state. Built very well. The plastics will survive the tropical heat. Toyota SUV reliability at its best.

The 8 seats come in useful though we normally use 5.

Smaller than the Amazon, so can fit in most car-parks - but not all.

Still looks shiny, new and unmarked after 10 years of driving.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2017

2007 Toyota Prado GXL 4.0 litre V6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent off road, tough and comfortable, but a high fuel consumption


Rear drive shaft universal joint yoke flogged out.

Rack end ball joint worn.

Serpentine belt idler failed (after hosing the engine).

General Comments:

By far the best vehicle I've ever driven on rough roads and steep tracks.

Plenty of power for overtaking on the open road.

Tough. Comfortable. Well designed and built.

High fuel consumption (typically 14 l/100km), but I suppose that's what you get from a large, heavy petrol 4WD.

Steering at highway speeds is less precise than I'd like. It has a slight tendency to wander, so more frequent minor corrections are necessary than is the case for many other vehicles.

It has two completely unnecessary ancillary equipment faults/stupidities which Toyota should never have let past.

- The satnav destination (and some other things) can not be changed while the vehicle is moving. The satnav is frequently slow to respond to user input, and intermittently freezes up for minutes at a time. To set the destination as a city centre (rather than a street address) is ridiculously complicated. These faults (features?) mean the satnav is pretty much useless, so we carry and use a cheapo Chinese unit instead.

- The cruise control is the worst we've had in any car (including a 1988 Jaguar!), in that at highway speeds it causes the auto to change frequently up and down on even slight changes in incline. This is so pronounced that on some roads we just don't use it as we don't want to wear out the auto unnecessarily.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2015

20th Feb 2016, 10:21

I agree with the comments re cruise control. I don't bother using it.

We have the 2005 4L petrol.

Otherwise a solid reliable wagon. Ours now has 140000 km on it; have had it since 40000 and nothing major has gone wrong.

Don't think the interior plastics are quite up to usual Toyota standards, but our kids give it a hard life, hence some breakages. Also it's very expensive to replace some interior parts, so just have to live with breakages.

18th Nov 2017, 08:17

I agree about the interior plastics.

The car interior is durable - but the exterior and chassis are so strong and open to abuse... that we chuck ladders and wood panels and scooters and washing machines - into the back... and forget that the plastics are still made of plastic and cannot be repainted.

Great truck! We love it to bits.

2007 Toyota Prado VX 4.0 6 cylinder petrol from United Arab Emirates


Simply superb, and you will enjoy every ride


Nothing wrong, but I feel the brakes are not sharp enough to handle the power and weight of this 4x4. It's too strong.

General Comments:

It's so comfortable and quiet that you wouldn't even know the car has started if you sit inside this one.

It's got an amazing acceleration, so that you can be first at the traffic signals (you will like it when you just fly off, seeing others in the rear-view mirror).

I went for one with dual fuel-tanks, so I get 1200 kilometers on one fill. On motorways, if you keep between 120 and 130 kph, you will get about 13 litres/100km, cities you get about 14.5 litres/100km, and offroad you get about 17 litres/100km.

Missing services won't upset the car, but you will notice the mileage going down if you don't.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2007

14th Nov 2015, 05:42

"Missing services won't upset the car"

An extraordinary comment.

If servicing didn't matter, then the manufacturer wouldn't specify it, as it adds to short term cost of ownership.

Missed services, whatever the vehicle, adversely impact longevity. There is absolutely no doubt about this.

I'm glad I won't be buying a secondhand Prado owned by this reviewer.

2007 Toyota Prado VX 3.0ltr D4D from Australia and New Zealand


Nothing. But this model is prone for stone chips, so I had the front bumper replaced with a sovereign bull bar bumper replacement

General Comments:

I have had this Prado fitted with full Vortex exhaust and Steinbuer computer, and it now has over 150kw at the flywheel, and goes like a petrol Prado with diesel economy.

Excellent reliable 4x4; now does 9.2sec to 100km compared to 11.2sec standard.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2007