2007 Toyota Prado VX 3.0ltr D4D from Australia and New Zealand


Nothing. But this model is prone for stone chips, so I had the front bumper replaced with a sovereign bull bar bumper replacement

General Comments:

I have had this Prado fitted with full Vortex exhaust and Steinbuer computer, and it now has over 150kw at the flywheel, and goes like a petrol Prado with diesel economy.

Excellent reliable 4x4; now does 9.2sec to 100km compared to 11.2sec standard.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2007

19th Jul 2019, 12:46


I have owned an Ford Escort, Laser and Fiesta, VW Golf, Audi 80, Mitsubishi Scorpion and Hyundai Sonata. Usually bought them 3 to 5 years old, and once they hit about 160K, major/costly repairs started, and at around 200K everything was worn out and in need of replacement.

By then the cost of bringing them back to scratch was more than the car was worth; we are talking several thousands of $.

Ten years ago (2010) we bought a used caravan; the owner had a 1997 Toyota Prado VR6 which was the towing vehicle, and we negotiated a package deal and purchased both.

We still have the "mighty" Prado, now 22 years old and it still going strong. Impressed by its performance, when it was time to replace the 07 Sonata a year ago I took leap and decided to instead of spending $30K on another new/near new ordinary car, I bought a 2010 Prado Turbo Diesel with 200K on the clock.

A year on, no regrets, everything still works and has a quality feel to it.

This car feels, handles and performs better then anything we have owned in the past. Over a year of ownership the only repair was a two batteries (has dual batteries). Fuel economy is comparable with the Sonata. This is a comfortable luxury car that can go anywhere and is built to last.

If I only known back then what I know now, I wouldn't have looked at age and km on the clock and just bought the best Prado that I could afford.

Cars are not made equal, some are just above the rest.

Go Toyota Prado.