1992 Toyota Previa LE 2.4 L from North America


Roomy, comfortable, like driving a teddy bear..


170,000: heater core leak, replaced myself.

150,000: heater blower motor replaced.

160,000: rear end bearings replaced.

200,000: stereo power amp caught fire, insurance replaced.

Needs a head gasket replaced to fix a minor coolant leak.

General Comments:

This and my former 1991 Previa have both been a pleasure to own and drive. Extremely well built and I am trying hard to keep it in good repair, as the interior, though used normally, still looks like the day we bought it.

I was saddened in '97 when production ended. These vans are destined to someday be classics.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2009

1992 Toyota Previa LE All-Trac 2.4 liter from North America


The only vehicle I have ever, and will always remember with LOVE!


At 180,000 miles the alternator had to be replaced.

Last month, I noticed some rust spots around the wheel wells.

At 370,000 I was told that I need to replace the Secondary Auxiliary Drive (SAD) Shaft, because it makes a clanging noise whenever I turn on the A/c.

General Comments:

Unbelievable reliability, it is amazing that a vehicle can be so reliable and not receive the press it deserves.

In my opinion, this is likely the best, most comfortable and dependable van that has ever existed. Why, because after driving this darling-of-a-vehicle for more miles than most vehicles, new or old, could never come close to, without replacing their engine or transmission several time, I am convinced that anything that can last this long, with it’s original engine (never overhauled), and original transmission, (never touched, serviced or had the transmission fluid replaced but once), and still shows not sign wear or any kind, then until, and unless someone can provide proof of another vehicle with such trouble-free stamina and longevity, I will state affirmatively that this is the most reliable van on the planet, Ever.

I also own a Lexus SC Coupe that is a joy to drive, also trouble free, and boy, do I abuse that car (rough driving >>> FAST!!!). But every time I get in my Previa, a smile comes to my face, because I still can t get over how much of a joy it is to drive the only vehicle I know that has panache. The view (like sitting in a glass bubble), the height, the power from just four cylinders, 4WD handling in winter and around corners, and the spaciousness, Unreal!

Though gas prices are higher than what anyone anticipated it would be here in the States, I am determine to buy another Previa (not to replace my aging buddy, but I need one with ABS for winter stops).

I intend to part with my Lexus, which give about the same gas mileage, but is not as practical as my Previa.

Just got back from a 3,000 mile trip and had Complete Confidence in this baby, never ever worrying about having any problems, as she has never ever let me down or given any cause to be concerned.

It always starts, winter, hot summer, pouring rain, and never quits until the keys turns it off.

Bottom line, I really and truly love this vehicle, and Hats Off to Toyota for consistently making the most reliable vehicles on the Planet. God Bless!

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Review Date: 13th August, 2006

17th Jan 2008, 11:34

I also own one of these. I am also in love; it has never given me any problems except for an alternator, it just goes and goes...

I dread the day I will have to find an alternative vehicle; it's comfortable, roomy (I have four kids) and a joy to drive.

I will never buy American!

5th Dec 2009, 19:28

I also agree with you. I drive a 95 SC and she's a good girl. I was going to sell it last year, but since have re-thought it. At 207,000 I can recall only a handful of things I've done to it. MORE than paid for itself. My mechanic tells me he has one that comes in with 317,000. I also love the old girl and will continue to nurture her. I have an oil leak now, but it's slow one so I just let it go. $750.00 to fix. Too much for now.

Otherwise I continue to appreciate this superior vehicle. I have an 08 4Runner that we like a lot. Also a Subaru STI which is MY toy. The Previa takes the brunt of salt spray/water in winter so I can keep the STI garaged. I really LOVE Japanese cars, and US cars do suck.

21st Feb 2010, 03:35

I bought a new Toyota Previa in 1992, and it has now 247,000 miles on it.

I had to replace the A/C, front suspension, new alternator etc.

Now it is burning oil about every 1000 miles, I have to put in a quart of oil in reservoir. I was considering replacing it, but after reading your reviews, I am not inclined to.

I would like to replace the engine though as it is burning oil, but have not found a place in S. California to take it to.

It has been a fantastic and very reliable car, with a mileage of around 19 miles per gallon.