1995 Toyota Previa DX 2.4 s/c from North America


The best minivan ever produced


Hardly anything, but replaced the supercharger as it was using a lot of oil as a precaution. Also replaced cat and O2 sensors.

General Comments:

These hard to find vans are expensive, but worth every penny, since they don't leave you stranded.

Also, they are well put together and last for years if properly maintained.

They perform well, but on the older ones gas mileage is very variable, but tends to be poorer on gas.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2008

1995 Toyota Previa S/C AWD 2.4 gas, supercharged from North America


Nothing. I mean absolutely nothing!

Sorry, that's not true, we replaced both front wiper blades for $5 each.

One thing; supercharger oil is way expensive from Toyota (even they admit that). Go to GM and get theirs for almost nothing.

General Comments:

I swore I would never own a van. Three kids plus a dog changes everything. We needed space and I needed something unusual. The Previa fit the bill.

This van is incredible! Goes like stink, never breaks down, and plows through snowy roads long after the plows have gone home. the combination of AWD and perfect weight distribution (engine under the seats) are the secret.

The turning circle is unbelievable. Peoples heads turn when you cram it into a tight parking spot!

We get offers to sell it from complete strangers about once a month. Tradespeople love them for their utility and durability. Ours is loaded as it was originally a dealer demo unit and even with every option available nothing ever goes wrong.

After 300,000 km I decided to give it a tune up and the plugs appeared to be original! I swear Toyotas thrive on abuse!

"We'll sell when you pry it from my cold dead hands" says my better half and I couldn't agree more.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2006

1995 Toyota Previa S/C from North America


One great ride--I wish I had two!


The propeller shaft broke. $530 to replace. Ouch. Seems like a little oil is leaking from the valve cover.

General Comments:

What a sweet ride. So much room for the kids, gear, etc. Soooo much power with the supercharger. I drive this thing all over Wyoming. It does just fine.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2005

21st May 2005, 18:52

Could you provide some more details about the supercharger you mention?

27th Nov 2005, 00:48

The Supercharger was an available option in '94 & '95 and became standard on all Previas in the USA in '96 & '97. IMO, it is a very desirable feature and makes the van drive as if it has a much larger displacement. Remember that there is a separate oil dipstick for the supercharger and it needs to be checked at least once a year. Use supercharger oil or fully synthetic 5W50 oil.

The valve cover gasket is a common problem after about 120,000 miles, but a simple repair. It is accessed by removing the passenger front seat, pulling back the carpet, and removing an access cover. This is how spark plugs are changed and spark plug wires, etc, so it is sensible to fix the gasket at the time of the major tune up (120K miles). Also, there is an O ring gasket on the distributor that should be changed at the same time to contain oil leaks. --Bill Z.

10th Apr 2009, 21:05

I submitted the original review on this, can't figure how to revise so I thought I'd tack on. Anyway, I just rolled in from a trip in central Wyoming with this van, packed full. What a sweet ride still at almost 150,000 miles. You have to understand that there are significant grades to climb in Wyoming, and all I do is click the "O/D Off" button on the shift and let this baby climb; no hesitation, no decline in power.

I almost hesitate to give this thing such a great review because I fear I shall never find another one! No problems or issues really. I had a brake rotor rumbling issue for a while but that's been resolved. Oh yeah, and the wifey had the side door bearing replaced. I can't wait for the wife to get another van so I can keep this ride to myself. Love it. Love it. Love it.

6th Mar 2011, 03:11

Hahaaha.. I feel you bro.. can't wait to have one too.