1995 Toyota Previa LX 2.4 from Poland


A family friend



General Comments:

Very good car for big family - a lot of space and flexibility. You can 'switch' between cargo and passenger option within two minutes.

Handling and driving position are very good, but it is underpowered a little (esp. while towing a caravan). For every day use it is enough.

This model (LX) is a low-end version and front seats are not so comfortable than captain's chairs in GL.

I have not checked 'runing costs' because I run on liquid gas which is extremely cheap in Poland and fuel (gas) consumption apx. 16 l/100 km (urban cycle) is acceptable.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2004

1995 Toyota Previa Solair 2.4 petrol/Gas from UK and Ireland


The best MPV on the road


My Head Gasket blew at 147.000 miles.

General Comments:

Excellent all round bus

It has looks, comfort and bags of space

If your concerned with its only week point which is the petrol consumption, invest in a good gas conversion I now have a cruiser that has the running costs of a Mini.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2002

10th Feb 2003, 11:29

Fuel consumption, you are absolutely right.

The main issue for me is how much the Previa will cost to run, that's my ONLY hurdle.

It is that huge engine allied to that petrol sipping auto-box, and of course the price we pay for that fossil fuel -it is a little frighting.

Furthermore the only other MAJOR hurdle is convincing my other half that we need a big car.

4th Jan 2005, 14:24

We had a 1994 GLX Previa. We didn't realise how good quality it was until after we sold it (and replaced with a rather tinny Multipla). The fuel consumption is however horrific - about 17mpg in the winter (school runs).

LPG seems sensible option or a diesel (not available in Estima gusie (only made as petrol engine).

8th May 2006, 16:17

Re the Diesel version - the only official import into the UK for the 1990 - 1998 model was the petrol Previa. There are many grey imports from Japan on UK roads which are the 2.2 litre turbo-Diesel Estima Emina and Lucida versions - 4 inches narrower and 3 inches shorter. These are 100mph capable yet return 30mpg (UK). I have had one 6 years - fantastic value.

7th Jan 2010, 01:42

I have a 1995 Solair 2.4 Auto (7 years and counting) now with 184000+ on the clock. It's never lets me down. Can't be beaten for space. Great cruiser on the motorway. Easy about town auto box fine. Not economical but that's not a concern. Can always use the runabout...

1995 Toyota Previa GS 2.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


A serious people carrier, beware of pale imitations


Absolutely nothing at all.

General Comments:

I think this is the only people carrier to get if you are serious about moving more than 5 people AND their luggage. It is spacious, comfortable and easy to drive. The engine is in the middle and under the floor - best place for it, out of the way and keeps the centre of gravity low (the first mid engined MPV?).

Servicing is best left to the specialists but all fluids are filled under the bonnet/hood which makes looking after it a complete doddle.

Watch out for the very heavy fuel consumption - only 15 mpg about town but it has got up to almost 20 mpg on a motorway trip.

A good secondhand buy, so long as you get an automatic. Forget the manual version as the gearbox is a complete dog.

All Previas seem to go on for ever and show virtually no sign of rust. BARGAIN.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2000

10th Sep 2009, 01:37

What do you mean the manual gearbox is a complete dog? I've owned 3 manuals and I've never had a peep of trouble out of them. They also use about 30% less fuel and hold a higher top speed on the motorway/freeway without reving the nuts out of the engine.

6th Dec 2009, 19:29

I bought a Previa with an LPG conversion fitted. It's the only sensible option if you get an automatic petrol rather than a diesel. An automatic is so much nicer around town than a manual.