2005 Toyota Prius gas/electric from North America


Great gas mileage, sweet ride


Something got tripped up on a sensor in the gas tank, but other than that, nothing.

General Comments:

This car actually belongs to my boyfriend's mom, but I like driving it. So it's kinda ugly, not helped by the tan color, but inside it's very attractively and thoughtfully laid out. I have a little trouble figuring out how to adjust the climate controls or the radio to do what I want, but that's OK.

It's surprisingly quick. I was expecting it to creep, especially since the gas engine doesn't even come on until you hit about 15 mph.

It's a very smooth ride. You don't notice the gas and electric engines switching back and forth at all.

Overall I think it's a great car. The gas mileage has been as promised, and you can get five people in it, so it's functional too. His mom had a diesel Beetle before the Prius (she's really into only filling up every three weeks) and I like the Prius better.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005

7th Oct 2005, 17:35

The prius is a beautiful car. I wouldn't call it ugly. The styling is well balanced, and very sporty. Unlike American cars, the Prius is a great looking vehicle that delivers, and then some.

30th Dec 2005, 01:45

We just did a very long test drive in a 2005 Prius. It is smooth and quiet. Quite easy to speed in because of this. Legroom is good, surprisingly so in the backseat. The technology is a marvel and can be distracting at times. It is especially bad for setting the heater controls. This shouldn't be on the LCD. It's too dangerous to try to adjust while driving say in a heavy downpour in bad traffic. My wife found the blind spots (front sides, and back) to be unnerving. I liked the car and could better adjust to the technology than my wife. But, when I turned off the radio, there were annoying rattles and plastic squeeks. This is totally unacceptable. I was also really dismayed by the lack of lumbar adjustment in the driver's seat. We compared the Prius to the Honda, and though we like the Prius technology, the Honda won out due to better ergonomics, comfort and finish. Maybe next time...

18th Jul 2006, 22:17

The Toyota Prius is better suited to a mid to hot climate, North or upper North East would not be a good climate for any Hybrid.

During the winter months (5-6) months on the NE coast the vehicle demonstrated a myriad of problems, lazy LCD display, clunky gear shifting (gear exchange), assortment of rattles along with sensor failure problems.

Adjustment of the heater control is very dangerous since time is required to set the LCD control display which can easily become very tiring...

The concept behind Hybrid technology is unique and at the present time is a step in the right direction.

Sadly, once the theory is proven/perfected another method will more than likely be available that will render the latter marvel prehistoric.

Battery longevity is unknown and Toyota has a unique way to side-step replacement items on the Prius regardless as to the warranty; they are cunning!

Price is extreme for a cheaply built vehicle that would become completely damaged in a 25 mph accident; hopefully you survive!

Furthermore, always price car insurance before buying a Prius, replacement panels are extremely expensive; front bumper panel $3,400.00; ouch!

Finally, one realizes the entire meaning of life when a 20 ton brick emporium truck decides to make a turn in your direction!