2006 Toyota Prius from North America


Most fun vehicle I have ever driven!



General Comments:

I am not a Toyota dealer and I do not work for Toyota. This is the first Toyota I ever owned. I bought it because of the high reviews from consumer reports and let me tell you this vehicle is incredible! Besides the fact that it has many features that you will only find in $50,000 dollar cars such as rear camera, smart key fob, touch screen dash board, bluetooth and many more features it also really gets 50+ miles per gallon. I find myself glancing at the screen as I drive to check my MPG. You must drive one. With this hybrid you will learn to PULSE and GLIDE!

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Review Date: 5th July, 2006

14th Oct 2007, 09:31

Most fun car you have driven? Very boring life indeed!

2006 Toyota Prius from North America


Great, economical car!



General Comments:

Great car! We got 50 miles/gallon on the first fill up. Can't wait 'til it breaks in.

Roomy cabin, fun toys, but seats certainly could be improved.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2006

3rd Jul 2006, 22:55

Congratulations on buying a Prius. Nice to see them around. Glad some folks are helping the environment. :)

5th Jul 2006, 19:30

I have a black Prius and love it. I am amazed how quiet, fun to drive and roomy this vehicle is and it has 2 motors, gas and electric! As the battery technology improves, this vehicle will have modification kits that will give you 100mpg. I'm also amazed with all the gadgets I have in this vehicle, it still does not have electric seats. That's my only complaint. Otherwise, it's an incredible vehicle! Good luck with yours.

22nd Sep 2006, 09:32

This car is great! It smells like a new car the whole time you have it.

2006 Toyota Prius from North America


The right front passenger window made a strange sound when it was cracked about an inch... it seemed to have a hard time going up and down smoothly..

I called within the week of picking up my brand new car, and the next day (Toyota said to bring it in on Monday) Saturday... My family was going down the road at approx 35mph.. and the front right passenger window shattered into a million pieces all over me, and cut my daughter in the back seat under the eye..

Toyota had the car over a month to replace the window and repaint scratches from the shattered glass... they advised it could have been a twist in the mechanical regulator??? Anyway.. the window rattled and the Toyota mechanics said.. this is just the product..

We sold the car during a hot streak and only lost $3000... we were desperate to get rid of it...

The car is okay for a single person, but when you fill it up with 3 people.. the mpg goes to about 41...why pay all that money for an economy size car that will require very expensive maintenance?

The tires wear out fast.. they are the size of a tricycle... Also the car gets very hot from all the glass.

The heater/air conditioning was very hard to get adjusted.. when neither is on.. the car sends a lot of heat from the engine..

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Review Date: 4th April, 2006

4th Apr 2006, 10:54

Other than the shattering window story, your review makes no sense.

You're getting 41 mpg with four people aboard and complaining? How do you know the car requires expensive maintainance when you only had it for 4800 miles?

As for the tires, how do you know they wear out fast? You extrapolated their wear based on your 4800 miles?

2006 Toyota Prius Hybrid from North America


Great appearance, economy, and for the environment


Discovered crack in base of rear window wiper. Looked like someone tried to cover/fill it with black goo.

The LRR tires don't provide very good traction on wet roads, so be careful and drive slow. No sudden moves or sharp/fast curves.

The gas tank has a bladder that expands and contracts depending on environmental temp. You can never be sure how much gas is in your tank, and the guage is not calibrated. The first 1/4 goes forever, but once you drop below 1/2, it really starts dropping. When you get to 2 blocks, fill up. When it starts blinking, get thee to the station now.

General Comments:

Agile and decent acceleration. Good vision and very comfortable interior. The transitioning between ICE and electric takes some getting use to and the feeling that the car has stalled when you stop (and it goes "off") is uncomfortable at first. But the car is is fantastic - appearance is stylish and simple. The interior design is rather luxurious, also simple, and designed to minimize eyes-off-the-road. It's bigger than it looks, and with the side and curtain airbags, I feel safe, despite it's outwardly small size. They thought of everything, right down to the standard traction control and tire pressure monitor. You get constant feedback through the visuals and how the car "feels." It really is a modern marvel. Just finished my second tank of gas and have averaged 49.6 mpg in town. It improves in heavy traffic or combined fast freeway driving with congested in-town roads. Max has been 51.4 mpg.

The faults noted are insignificant in my mind. It's a FANTASTIC car.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2006

3rd Jun 2006, 09:13


I have read on other car sites (Car-Talk) that the 2004 through 2006 Prius did not have LRR tires, but Goodyear Integrity tires.