2006 Toyota Prius Base 1.5 / CVT / electric from North America


Awesome car!! Can they build them a little less expensive?


Water pump gasket leak.

General Comments:

I love this car; it handles well, gets great gas mileage and is very roomy.

I use it like a truck; it has so much cargo room and seats 5 adults. Very comfy.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2010

2006 Toyota Prius Sol 1.5 from Norway


What's the point?


Nothing. I borrowed this car for 2 weeks from my work with the intention to purchase.

General Comments:

I borrowed this car from the company that I work for, since they have a large fleet of Toyota cars. I'm used to the Avensis 2.0 Turbo Diesel wagon and I have considered a smaller car, either a Corolla or the Prius. There's a long waiting list for the Prius at the dealers, so I was lucky to borrow this near new car from my company.

But I will not purchase the Prius since it was a major disappointment. It's the same price as the Avensis and:

1. It's totally cramped, it's even smaller than the Corolla

2. It's pricey and it lacks essential equipment

3. It's quite thirsty, even compared to my Avensis TD. A Corolla Turbo Diesel will be much better

4. This engine totally lacks any punch if you are used to turbo diesels

5. Driving dynamics are just a joke. It runs like an old van and is about as comfortable as one.

I REALLY can't understand why anyone purchase these Prius cars. It must be the worst purchase available in the market. It's just such a bad car. Is not the whole point to save petrol? Why don't people just buy turbo diesels? Then you have a wide selection of cars with various equipment.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2007

19th Oct 2007, 00:59

Why's that?? The Prius *is* a piece of cramped, expensive, overrated piece of junk.

Read reviews from serious auto magazines; they'll tell you the same. This car is mainly sold for good mpg figures hence being environmental friendly. The *fact* of the matter is that the Prius mpg really isn't very good in actual driving conditions. I don't know how they've calculated the stated mpg, but it's exaggerated as documented several places in the auto press where Prius is easily beaten by the VW Jetta Blue Motion as an example.

2006 Toyota Prius from North America


This car delivers fantastic fuel economy with comfort, reliability and near-zero emissions


No mechanical or electrical faults with the Prius thusfar. There are some quirky features with no obvious reason why they weren't more resembling standard features in other cars. Example: No daytime running lights which today seem to be omnipresent. Very minimal seat adjustments for a very firm seat. Changing programmed settings like beeps, GPS destinations is not user friendly, nor easy. GPS system and bluetooth are not really usable once the car is rolling.

General Comments:

I'm finding that the Prius gets even better than the EPA mileage. I don't understand those who comment that it doesn't come close--it does! The technology in the car is amazing for the price and size of the 'package'. The car is BIG inside, but appears small from the outside. The handling seems AOK in my book--plenty of acceleration when one needs it and nice cabin quietness, contrary to some reports. Smooth, tight ride. No squeaks or rattles. Many luxury features found mainly in autos costing $15,000 more. Nice fit and finish though materials in the car seem to mar easily.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2006

7th Aug 2006, 04:42

I have owned a Prius for 2 years. The GPS and the Bluetooth work wonderfully when the car is rolling.

7th Aug 2006, 15:23

Sorry, but there hasn't been a Prius tested that has performed like the EPA says it does. Every car has posted significantly lower mileage.

9th Aug 2006, 20:51

You need to check the data from users at Priuschat.com. Though rare, and probably impractical for 99% of owners, it certainly can and has been done. Once you learn HOW to drive this car, your efficiency ramps up substantially. If you choose to work the techniques to the "n-th" degree, EPA or better IS doable. BTW, I achieved a steady-state 51 MPG (just over EPA), per the computer, by slowing to just over 60 mph driving on I-10 the other night. Personally, I wouldn't choose to do this for long, but again, it can be done.